New Horizons: Nasa spacecraft speeds past Pluto giving us a better picture of what the little planet's surface looks like

The small rocky planet is no longer just a blob of brown seen from earth, it’s surface looks very moon like.

People have been showing a lot of love on twitter with some fun pictures.

The moment the New Horizon’s team first saw that Pluto photo.


Pluto is not a planet!


Pluto IS a planet and Pluto is freakin’ adorable



How do we even DEAL?

My dream one day, is too eat rocky road on the surface of Pluto. (and not freaze to death while I’m at it)!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_635/pines13tvf-2-web.jpg

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Been following this for several days now, and the newest picture looks amazing! <3

I love that rings are to Saturn as Great Red Spot is to Jupiter and now heart (the giant white heart-shaped anomaly) is to Pluto.


Pluto was changed to a dwarf planet by a group of less than 10% of the astronomy expert community.

There is really no reason it should have been demoted. Something like Ceres is obviously not a planet, whereas Pluto demonstrates most everything a planet is defined by, even the iffy subject of neighborhood clearing. If very obviously is only demoted because they cannot accurately measure the whole neighborhood.

Heck, even Sedna is probably a planet. Even Eris.


It has a heart on it. I can’t be the only one seeing it?

It’s okay Pluto, I love you too.


and apparently the big white spot means it has snow on it

it is consoling to know we can go there and build snowmen after we’ve finished screwing earth over

now we can all continue to drive big ass SUVs


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Do you wanna build a snowman? :smile:

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yes you’re not the only one.


There are 11283 members of IAU

And the decision involved 424 members, 237 to change it, 157 against changing it. So that’s only a fraction of the IAU.

And THAT is only a small amount compared to 10,000+ astronomy doctorates around the globe.

Any monsters detected?

So you are a 9gagger!

That sounded really inappropriate but yes, I’m a 9gagger

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yeah i’d build a snowman or a snow goliath but i guess in pluto’s atmosphere our heads would explode before we could even get started.

i would like to live on pluto but it’s one of the outer planets and the one farthest away from the sun.

It’s probably as inhabitable as a bed bought at IKEA

I am very into things space. Can’t wait for a closer look.

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