New Half-Life game announced

Ah cool.

I’m going for Beat Saber and Pavlov for sure.Other games i don’t know yet that i really wanna play

Hear ya there. Not really interested in any other games (yet), but I’ve heard of Pavlov. We’ll get to it when we get our toys.

my goat… did they actually said that? gasp, we all want it now.
i think its also seizure inducing, being charged, and flocked around by the tank.
however, i still want it. with superb audiophile, very light, life-like earphones.

and manually aiming down weapons. portal can be very dizzy, no? going thru portals, jumping around. i wana get 4 vr sets and hopefully we get to play 4 coop l4d3 lol, or B4B.

… considering how much I dropped on my kit, I do not recommend that… sounds expensive.

They already said they tried Portal VR or thought about it, but decided against it due to how easy it would be to get motion sickness from say, falling into a portal and then auto rotating to come out of a different portal.

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Borderlands 3 was exclusive to Epic for PC…


I liked the palm on the reader thing while popping monsters on either side

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Just slap a warning on the front and it’s golden. I’d pay portal vr just so I could experience it.

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Honestly portal wouldn’t work, no matter how strong stomach you had. L4D, yeah go ahead who cares if people are scared, that will be a selling point.

But Portal? It’s probably my favorite game of all time, but i’m sure no one would be even able to even finish it. The high momentum portal/jumps would be literally impossible for anyone.

Yep. You’re essentially carrying a monitor on your face, good luck keeping your composure as you essentially roll down a hill at high speed. That’s what you’re dealing with when it comes to games like portal.

In other news: My headset is supposedly going to arrive tomorrow afternoon. Valve (I.E. Steam) said 7-8 business days, so it was a lot quicker than I thought.

What would make them impossible?


People are already getting motion sickness just by walking in VR. When you have to do something like this: which is tame compared to other jumps you make, you are just going to throw up no matter what

Highly doubtful for me at least. I really don’t understand how people get so sick from these things. It’s never effected me in the slightest.

Now give me Portal VR

… Do some research into the topic before you jump to conclusions. I find that very offensive (and downright inconsiderate) of other people who are prone to it. I may be overreacting here, and by all means, I’ll curb my enthusiasm if I’m out of line.

  1. Not everyone is you.
  2. Speaking from experience here (I got my Index today - and speaking as someone who’s prone to motion sickness), if you’re prone to motion sickness, you’ll not feel right moving around in the 3D environment w/o teleporting via controller. I will likely get used to it after a time, but it made me feel incredibly sick when I started moving in the environment instead of teleporting. I can only imagine how bad Portal would be.

Long story short on Motion Sickness: Your body gets differing signals from different sources (I.E. Your eyes say one thing, your body says another) and it causes a sensory overload, coming in the form of a massive headache and the occasional bout of nausea.

If it doesn’t affect you, great, but I doubt a game like Portal will sell well in VR. Too fast-paced for that type of experience. Yes, it’d be awesome, but realistically, too many people would get sick far too easily for it to be worth it.

Edit: Let’s just drop it here. It’s off-topic and I don’t want to get a lock on this thread.

If you’re prone to motion sickness don’t play it.

Just like you said. Not everyone is you. Do some research on the topic before You jump to conclusions.

Also I am fully aware of what motion sickness is.

Put it this way, motion sickness is a common enough problem that developers have to take it seriously. If you’re making a game that only 1% of your potential players will be able to play, you’re making a big mistake.

Note: trying to illustrate a point, and the 1% number is completely made up.


Funnily enough, that’s the percentage of people with VR on Steam.



Also Linux, but boy are they ever vocal.