New Half-Life game announced


TL;DR: New Half-Life game with VR. Cautiously optimistic for me, happy there’s a new installment of the franchise, but still waiting for the clichéd meme of “Valve can’t count to 3” game that everyone’s waiting for with baited breath.

I doubt I’ll play this one right away if at all, not terribly interested in getting a VR headset… yet. The tech isn’t where I want it to be to get one.


I have not played the original Half Life games, but I’m super interested to see what this is and where Valve will go with VR titles.

I used to be really excited for VR and its initial release was a letdown, but the games are finally becoming more what I imagined them to be, rekindling that interest. With Valve potentially adding more to the market, I can’t wait to see what they come up with to throw into the pile.

I imagine this will be some sort of short story prequel thing since Alyx is a HL2 character, yeah?

Its actually a full 12-16 hours long game. It’s what many people like to call the first AAA VR game.

But yeah, this will settle if i get a VR or not. Half-life games were always a technical showcase.Stuff that had never happened before.So it makes sense that the next one is VR, plus im optimistic because A)its Half Life so there has to be stuff in there in technical terms that we’ve never seen before, B) the attention to detail will be great.

There is actually a 1h showcase of a Valve employee talking in GDC about…Doors.How they made freaking doors interact like real life, rather than press a button to open. So yeah, i’m optimistic


Agreed on it being a technical showcase.

It’s still overly expensive for me, honestly, if I go get a headset for my PC. That and I don’t entirely trust the tech yet, it’s still “new” (I.E. mainstream) despite being around for a few years now.

Well the numbers keep growing and as you said its still “new”.Even tho it existed for some years now, i’d say the last couple of years only count, because thats when they started making some actual good games for it. Tbh it falls in Valve hands now. If it trully is a groundbreaking game, its gonna sell a shitton. Announce trailer today, 1 week before black friday. VR companies are going to take advantage of that.

As for the expensive part, yeah it still kinda is, because not many headsets from different companies go around for price to adjust. Altho, you can find a headset from the range of 200$ to 1000$, the sweet spot is around 400$ for a good one, which still is kinda pricey.


Tyler is interviewing Merle Dandridge (Alyx’s voice actor) right now. :open_mouth:

Also, less than 50 minutes until Valve reveals more about the game! :open_mouth:

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Trailer is out!!! :slight_smile:


God damn here goes 1k out of my wallet

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… Sold… Holy jeebus that trailer looks great. The tech is significantly improved over the previous versions imo, makes me wonder how it’ll look in-game.

@WiBaKi Yep…

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well there are 2 things in this trailer.

First of all, how the fuck is it so smooth.It doesn’t look like VR at all(except from the floating hands).It’s not clunky, its not stuttering its just smooth af.

Secondly, as always, physics.You can literally move everything and throw it around.It’s just amazing.

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Now we get to take a metal bucket and beat combine soldiers to death with it without throwing it with the gravity gun. :grin:

Edit: In all seriousness, I did some rough research into it - cutting edge is Valve’s Index; which is about $750 USD w/o the lazer bases (my play area’s too small for it - but requires it), and a free copy of the game on top of it.

It honestly makes me wonder what the next installment of Half-Life will bring to the table technologically. and in the back of my mind all I’m thinking is: “So this is what took so long,” because a lot of the tech that the game uses didn’t exist. This is literally cutting-edge technology for gaming, and I seriously can’t wait to see more. Damn it, why does Valve need to make me spend money when I should be saving.

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nowadays, i still enjoy games but it doesnt matter i play them or not. if i dont have a game, i would still gladly enjoy watching a gameplay video shown full in series, in a way of speedrunning cuz i can fast forward whichever.

i recently watched Green Hell game, and this youtuber imo is really calming, PartiallyRoyal. his behaviour and voice. i dislike exaggerated noises, even exaggerated personalities. if you’re funny, you’ll just be funny. be yourself.

green hell is a survival game mode, so you need to gather resources and also explore(which i do enjoy), it has a very good voice acting and the story woven in such a way, it gets intersting to always wonder what is the backstory is, what is going on as you do your current episodes, which timerange you’re in, whatever twists, so much that i watched the entire gameplay from start to finish from a SURVIVAL game. i never thought i would. yes, the story works out that u start to care for them, and their relationship.

so when ALyx comes out, i’ll also gladly just watch a video of it. there’s so much to do irl, challenges, that i find it a chore to wonder and work out what puzzles i need to do in a game, or hack slash or grinding for levels, nah, i wont really do that anymore. really looking forward to a half life game tho, at least something is coming alive after 10 years of dormance.

Yes! this is how the games are supposed to be, immersion. great time to be alive to witness the 90s evolve to vr today. now it would be really cool if valve would do a vr version of l4d3… lol. or a compilation of all the 3’s, including portal 3.

There are 3 games planned for VR. 1 of them is Half-life, the other 2 are still unknown.Portal would be the best guess is the next one.As for left4dead.I don’t remember where i read it, but i think they said its just too scary.

If you think about it, horror games in VR are scary AF sure. But lets say in resident evil you have 2-3 zombies to kill or outrun. Can you imagine left4dead? Literally 50 zombies running,spitting,tonguegrabbing,charging to you? I’m not saying it doesn’t sound fun. I’m just saying it makes sense they don’t want to make something that a lot of VR players won’t like to play.

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For some reason, one of my favorite points of that trailer is around 1:13 when the player quickly ducks behind a wall to avoid the enemies. Something about the smooth movement combined with the VR interaction is really exciting.

But man, the game is pricey for VR, but it looks absolutely fantastic. I really want to play this! It looks so well done. Valve gets all the brownie points and cookies right now. :smile:

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TL;DR: I got a Valve Index it wins out on practically everything besides the display versus the Vive pro I’ll let you know how it works out in a week. I’m half-way regretting it ($1000 isn’t anything to scoff at - there’s my major purchase for the year), but it was bound to happen eventually.

Alright. I bit the bullet, and bought it after doing some thorough research. I was thinking of Buying Skyrim VR at some point after I got that thing too. I discussed it over with some people that I know IRL, they took a neutral response obviously and after doing some research and looking into some mods for Skyrim VR, it pushed me over the edge.

Settled on the Valve Index. Cutting edge, the display clarity is worse than the Vive pro, but it wins out on practically everything else besides OLED (Vive) vs LCD (Index) displays. The price sits at $1000 USD if you’re just getting into VR with a good rig, this is the one to get. Best part is: My computer works fine with it.

So I pre-ordered my copy of HL:A and got a VR headset to boot. HAPPY NOW VALVE?! /end of fake frustration at empty air.

Now I need to get a good workout room.

First of all, refund it :stuck_out_tongue: .HL:A is free for Index owners.It will appear in your library when its time to come out.

Meh, the only thing better is the contrast. Index still has bigger resolution (2880 x1600 vs 2160x1200) AND 144hz vs 90hz.

I’m ordering mine next week.

:smiley: It’s what I meant by pre-order. It came with my index. Looks like it doesn’t come with some face gaskets. Gonna need to grab those too. Prolly gonna grab Skyrim VR too… because reasons. I’ll wait a week on that purchase though.

Ah cool.

I’m going for Beat Saber and Pavlov for sure.Other games i don’t know yet that i really wanna play

Hear ya there. Not really interested in any other games (yet), but I’ve heard of Pavlov. We’ll get to it when we get our toys.

my goat… did they actually said that? gasp, we all want it now.
i think its also seizure inducing, being charged, and flocked around by the tank.
however, i still want it. with superb audiophile, very light, life-like earphones.

and manually aiming down weapons. portal can be very dizzy, no? going thru portals, jumping around. i wana get 4 vr sets and hopefully we get to play 4 coop l4d3 lol, or B4B.