New Guy + A Question


Hi Everyone, I’m new here and just wanted to say hello! I’m so pumped for this game to come out… I’m addicted already!!!
I’ve already sent out my pre order code for the xbox one about a week ago… When should I start freaking out because i havent received my confirmation email??


Welcome to the forums. I wouldn’t freak out until the end of today and/or when the TRS announces that all of the X-Bones codes have been sent out.


Hello, and welcome :smile:

They should have send out most of the xbox codes. you can contact 2K with code problems.

“BigAlpha code redemption issues? Send the code you were emailed to and we’ll get you sorted!”


Welcome to the forums!

You should never freak out around here. As any of the longtime members will tell you, TRS takes care of its fans. If you have a problem, they will find a solution, no freaking out necessary. :smile:



I freak out just like that any time there is a new tidbit of info on the game :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright, well I guess I’ll just wait until tomorrow morning and if still no email, I will start asking for support… I hate this waiting game lol


Yeah, keep calm and evolve on lol.


Evolve on League of Legends? :stuck_out_tongue:


never put those 2 games in the same setence unless it is one of the following:

Evolve owns league of legends
League of legends sucks, evolve is better


To be fair, it would be awesome if Kraken or Goliath became the main Neutral creep in a match :smiley:


Would be so easy, penta kills evryday.


It’s funny though, because even though I know PS4 invites go out tomorrow, I’m still checking my email. One of my friends says that he got his code through a message on his xbox. Not sure if others have had this happen or not