New gorgon theory

I couldn’t find the video but there is a conversation on the dropship were Lazarus says the monsters are copying hunters like kraken was made to kill Markov lighting against lighting. Well he said the next monster is going to copy him. So when you see the monster eating one of those worms or whatever from its abdomen I think it’s copying Lazarus and regaining health. Like on of its ability a could be to it one of the worms and regain a bar of health. So what do you think about this theory.

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I think Lazarus also says that it learned how to resurrect it’s minions. But i don’t know if he is talking about Gorgon or some other monster.

i would think maybe reviving dead wildlife to fight for it

If you go to another topic called " gorgon ability speculation " then go to the 45th post by GrizzleMarine it sorta goes with what I am saying

There’s been many a post regarding that dropship convo.
Laz doesn’t say there’s a monster out there like him…he states how each monster is adapting to them and what if there was a monster out there that could learn from him and resurrect its minions



Yea, it’s a conversation about his fear of a monster adapting to gain the ability to resurrect by watching him.

Lol how is the monster just going to watch him use his convoluted glove thing on some scrub and then just be like “now Ive learned the secret and can replicate this perfectly” but I wouldnt be suprised if it did honestly…

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No offense… this isn’t ‘new’.