New Gorgon Mimic freeze bug


Its kinda like the Wraith freeze bug if u use Warb blast

U can See Gorgon feels very sad about it -.-

Gorgons upset with this bug... (Xbox?)
Gorgons upset with this bug... (Xbox?)

Anyone noticed the bug on Gorgone where she cannot move after she uses mimic? Played arena and it happened twice… never seen it before the new patch though.


Lol that’s pretty funny…frustrating, but funny.


That bug was funny with BoB with his hands aloft like “please don’t shoot me I’m a big friendly bear” I see more bugs have crept in again with a TRS patch😔


No coding was changed, only numbers in an xml file.


Miley is scared. :cry:


It was on the stream of @Seedsy yesterday during one of the arena matches., let’s see if I can find the footage.


Well apparently Gorgon’s mimic freezes him so something happened since the hot fix.


I have sent the footage, its an old bug, thats been fixed in TU9.
Still hilarious.

Use the Take a break option to be freed from the character lock.



Okay so with the new patch came a few bugs
Okay so there’s a gorgon who looks to be in mimic state holding her hands over her head looking like she’s crying
This keeps happening to me because as soon as I come out of mimic it does this XD
Funny bug but kinda annoying
I’m just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this bug?
Is it just for Xbox or all platforms?


The patch did not come with new bugs. This was an existing bug but many people didn’t play Gorgon so the bug wasn’t as prevalent. This is already fixed in the upcoming Title Update.


You think? Because I too encountered this bug…A FEW HOURS AGO!
And I’m on PC if you’re wondering.


Upcoming Title Update. Insane_521 confirmed it. :slight_smile:


I thought that the macropatch was the TU9


No sir, the macropatchwas just a patch to the games XML file. TU9 will be an actual download and will change huge aspects of the game. :wink: