New Goliath Variant


Somthing to consider- A new Goliath variant. Meteor is too similar to original- meanwhile Elder is drastically different from regular Kraken (great job)

Idea: Make a ranged-focused Goliath- make firebreath a single grenade-like fire ball. Make leap smash create a fissure similar to behemoth, but narrower, and remove traversal from the lunge. Other compensations can include lower health/armor, and generally making him worse at close range.

I know devs are busy, I’m just tossing around free ideas. BTW, I’ve always hated microtransactions- but this game is different. TRS should be charging for all variant characters. Just take my money, it’s soo worth it

With the micropatch and summer patch on the way it’s never been a better time to be an Evolve gamer.


To be fair they didn’t have much time developing MG , they had more with EK.


I think Meaty looks cool. >.<


I love what they’re doing with the variants but MG is definitely far too similar to OG. If they do get the time it would be awesome to see an adaptation that is noticeably different.

Personally I would like to see an adaptation stay along the lines of goliath being an up close brawler but different abilities with some general tweaks here and there like how EK traversal is compared to OG kraken


Not a fan of meteor Goliath he moves in slow motion every time I play him.


I always thought it would be cool to have like a leap frog effect with Goliath. Although it would do less damage having the ability to leap smash twice one after the other. I think it really depends on time and how players go but multiple variants would be sweet for each character especially if they have no plans on producing more tiers.


Meaty is actually very different from OG Gojira. Gojira is focused on single-target damage; Meaty is better at spreading damage amongst the entire hunter team.


That’s the idea but the reality is he sucks at doing that. Even if he didn’t he’s still far too similar to OG


I feel like you just described Behemoth’s abilities. If we were to get a new variant for the Goliath, I’d rather have something fresh with new abilities.


Yeah I did suggest a fissure in place of leap smash… but thats it. I think a “fire ball” can be different from lava bomb… I envision it shooting out like Elder’s banshee missle but faster and with more arch.

Even if it was behemoth’s abilities, it would be coupled with Goliath’s mobility.

Another idea is to not make him fire-related at all… Ice? He can throw a spear rather than a rock…


I’m digging the ice idea, and the spear. Maybe have blizzard breath or a similar ability


Keep in mind that the whole idea behind adaption characters is that they’re new characters that don’t cost as many resources and time to make as a brand new one from scratch.

I agree that Meteor Goliath is a little more similar to Goliath than Elder Kraken is to Kraken and I think his spread-damage playstyle doesn’t really appeal to many Monster players either.

But it’s a little unrealistic for you guys to suggest an entirely new moveset that involves spear-throwing animations and fire ball casting.


He’ll be a lot better at this in TU09, we really couldn’t push him to where he is in the next micropatch sadly.

But on the topic of Goliath Variants/Adaptions, as many know we didn’t have as much time to really spend changing things up with him compared to Elder Kraken since at the time the concept wasn’t proven. Meteor Goliath allowed us to keep going and start this whole adaption trend, which quite honestly is a really fun way to provide new content.


As much as I’d like to strangle all the players playing Tech Hank and Blitz Mark, they are just adaptations of the original characters. They fixed flaws with the original characters. T4 & T5 are unique and take a while to draft, and thus are part of DLC.

IMO, TRS made these variations to bring players back to the game, without releasing new DLC, when HS2 was completed a few months back.




Val had poor self-sustainment if she was ever focused. Her HB could not heal her enough and was her only defense against a monster. Her tranqs couldn’t pull enough weight for her. She also could only heal 1 target at a time.

Hank had an orbital that would knock players back, and couldn’t move and thus useless if a monster got out of it. Tech Hank’s Shield Charger was a bit of a wing-it since it performs so poorly and thus getting a buff in TU9.

Mags didn’t do enough damage.

Blitz was the lowest on the Assault Totem Pole as of the time on Blitz Mark design, so Blitz got a higher damage cap, his Tesla Gun now targets 1 enemy and not multiple, since OG’s LG was useless when fighting a monster.


None of these changes were to fix flaws they were completely shake up the feel and play style of these characters to give you a different type of experience while also staying true to the core themes and concepts of the character…

Nothing with the variants have to do with fixed “flaws”… That’s what balance patches are for…

The fact that tech Hanks is quite UP and the Devs themselves have said that waggle does too much damage for a trapper stands at evidence that they are not intended to fix flaws especially when they have their own unique set of flaws


No, flaws in the sense of reworking the whole hunter. They simply balanced out their weaknesses without doing major changed to the somewhat already balanced originals.

They are basically the photo negitives of the originals. How else would you explain why RVal has a HB that ONLY benefits her. How else would you explain why Daisy has a flamethrower.

Intentional or not, the variations fixed some of the originals weeknesses.

As for MG,

and Goliath was pretty much the balanced monster of Evolve.


Grateful for your work on Meteor! But you’re right: your Elder Kraken really showed off some true potential! I’m suggesting that if only one monster/character in this game got to have 2 adaptations, it should be goliath, the posterboy of evolve. And you devs should embrace the microtransaction.

How is this different from Elder Kraken? Instead of pulling a rock the ground he manifests an ice spear from the ground- same animation, more like different skins. (Use some imagination/- the pro for Ice Spear is that follows a straignt trajectory and is faster, more sniper like. Make it weaker etc.) There is already an animation for goliaths fire breath- make it shorter and intead of breath he shoots a “sub-zero” hadooken. These are just random ideas that can within existing animations but drastically change and refresh game play with new dynamics.

Given the quality of this game, I think this is a great opportunity for TRS to make much deserved extra money. It doesn’t matter how “easy” it is to make these characters- it’s bonus content.


until you fight a griffin, val, sunny, assault team of atlest silver 3 stars