New Goliath elite skin looks freakin awesome


Im so happy that they changed the old boring elite skins to those new amazing ones. I just unlocked him and im very pleased with what they did to them


could you be so kind as to post a screenshot if possible?

I’m also pumped to get that goliath skin. Eventually.


Goliath’s is cool but I like wraiths more.


Elites look amazing.


Screen shot would be awesome


Yeah! Give us pics! I’m at work and must stave off withdrawal symptoms.


@RaggityMan Here you go
@brucepanther Here you go
@Vexor Here you go

here’s a link to the skin showcase,, ill post screenshots later tomorrow


looks good. cant wait to unlock it. too bad i suck at monster…


Very cool. Thank you!


Looks Nice!


@brucepanther @RaggityMan @Vexor @the_bham
im gonna upload Elite Kraken today so stay tuned


@brucepanther @RaggityMan @Vexor @the_bham
I uploaded the Elite Kraken showcase
Here’s the link check it out