New gameplay! 16.Aug.'14


Hi all!

Here’s some new gameplay from Gamescom on the 16th of August 2014 courtesy of IGN.
The following videos are of the view points of the respective class on the new map, Distillery.

Monster gameplay (Kraken):

Assault gameplay (Hyde):

Support gameplay (Hank):

Trapper gameplay (Maggie):

Medic gameplay (Val):

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Val is such a badass


@Plaff and others have already put this up, watched it all yesterday


hyde is running through mobile arena from outside in… what is the logic behind that? mysterious technology? magic? bug?


@fibric You can enter the mobile arena from the outside but cannot leave once inside unless the arena is taken down by the trapper.


Thank you for those links…my net has been down all weekend so I’m happy to return to see this!


Is it just me, or was Hank mainly trying to be an assault where he just dishes out damage? I think he only whipped out the shield gun twice, but never used it once. It had max charge during the whole round. Hank’s 2 downs could’ve been avoided by just using the shield gun. He could’ve also taken a lot of pressure off the medic, helping keeping everyone’s health up. I did like how the monster ate like 6 orbital barrage strikes in a row lol. Then again, the monster player seemed kind of easy to deal with, so the extra effort wasn’t really needed. Not trying to sound like an ass! Hard not to sound like one in text.


I realize the monster player was bad, but Val’s tranq shots look absurdly good.
I feel like a half decent player using that combined with a half decent trapper could keep a monster from ever getting anywhere.

Gotta admit the insane slow and duration on that has me a bit nervous.


Yah, same for me.


Whoever is on the monster is terrible at it.


You can enter but you can’t leave. Be silly if someone got left behind and couldn’t join.


It almost seemed like the monster player was not familiar with a controller…that’s exactly how a game looks when I get my inept hands on one to play a shooter. Just looking all over the place with the thumbsticks. PC WSAD all the way here, baby! Don’t know why he didn’t high-tail it outta there when the barrages came down though. I got no excuses for that one.


I felt so bad for the monster player…on top of not very good decisions on his part, Val was like a tick with that tranq. gun. I’ve never seen Val played like that so I wonder if the player who was Val was not a noob to the game.


Normally as Val you should always have the monster under Tranqs…


They did say the monster player was an ign co founder if I remember correctly… Plus he´s supposed to be a good monster player - so not his first rodeo… Someone like that should really know how to use a controller!


Well shut my mouth, I have no idea then…I’m shocked all 'round.


Yeah, but at some point the monster should be able to escape if he is trying. Val can’t move as fast as the monster. If only the monster player would have dodged better around objects she couldn’t draw a bead on him so easily. She sure was a good shot too. Her and the Trapper both were good at shutting down the Kraken’s escape. Very well done on their part. I only hope I can traq. and trap as well.


Found the video where I got the info from:

Do not know the map that well but I think he also did not do a good job evading the hunters: no masking his prints - seems like he made an u-turn and did not even check surroundings or hide propperly be4 evolving…


Found some more gameplay here:


First snowstorm I saw… Nice find thanks!