New gamemode


I’m sure this has already been discussed, but a monster vs. monster gamemode. Just imagine a game where the Goliath is fighting against a Wraith, which one would come out on top, but I’m not sure the Kraken would be over powered since it can attack in the air. I’m sure the devs could find a way around that.


Yeah it’s been brought up. It’s a awesome idea but I’m pretty sure the devs already said its not possible. I would have a huge boner just watching two monster go at it if it were possible though


As much as I would love a monster vs. monster mode I don’t really know if this is the game for that. The monsters are all designed to be balanced against the hunters,not each other so it might not work very well without a ton of work.


This. We made like a hundred threads on it at least and each time the devs said it was impossible due to hardware limitations.


yeah I can understand that. Doesn’t make me like the game any less it would just be really cool if it was a thing.


Yeah, I hear you. A Monster vs Monster mode would be so epic.