New gamemode Thoughts and ideas!


When firat saw the evacuation trailer i thought wow where going to be able to play monster co-op! Surprise we it wasent a monstret co-op!
Now i would think a game mode where u play monster co-op would be really cool! And i know some would say thats so not fare… the hunter barley can take down a monster (it depends how good the player is with monsters) like me im better with monster cus i only played monsters in the open beta, but anyway!!!

But maybe u could make like 6vs2 and the food resorces might be a little harder to find! Or the hunters get mor health… i don’t know but it would be really cool…

So what u guys think about my idea?!? U got Any ideas of an new gamemode or something that would make an improvement to the current gamemodes


If it was 6v2, hunters would be OP asf I think. Two medics? Imagine Val healing half the Hunters constantly and Laz resurrecting them every time one died… Plus the monsters would be way easier to track since there would be two of them and two trappers. Plus Assault, if they focused one, would rip it a new asshole.


While these modes are fun to think of sadly they wouldn’t be balanced on either side. 5v2 would go to the monsters, but 6v2 would go to the Hunters. Maybe a 5v2 with an Ebon Star player controlled hunter. Just seems like a nightmare to balance to even a 60/40


Please see the main game modes list: