"New" Gamemode idea?


Monster Battles! Behemoth vs Goliath etc.


Kraken vs. Behemoth. Wouldn’t work.


People always say that, and while I agree, I think it would be awesome. They’d have to tweak everything and give it its own laws. I think leap smashing an airborn kraken might be about the same as leap smashing a hunter jet packing up a wall, if it was implemented so that would ground the kraken he would be in a bad position. Rock throw could also be used similarly, and fire breathe could hit him in the air.

I don’t think they will ever do this because of balance, but it would be awesome. If behemoths tongue grab pulled the kraken down, or could stop Goliath’s traversal like Griffins Harpoon that would be awesome. Maybe to stick with Wraiths hit and run tactics, Abduction wouldn’t abduct a monster it would simply slash it and return to its previous position, like when you try and abduct a sloth.


Tongue grab, pull that punk down off his high horse :wink:


I wish we could have a monster battle royale!


Why not have hunters vs hunters? Shooting each other on a planet filled with dangerous wildlife which can tun the tide of battle O.o
Maybe even have a monster for each side :goliath_roar:


Wraith vs Behemoth. Decoy all day long. :smile:


Team Hunt! That would be so amazing!

Every Team has 4 Hunters and 1 Monster and fights against another Team!

The right thing for competitive gameplay! :smiley:


instead of making new game modes they should instead make the ones they have better


I keep hoping for some sort of Queenslayer or Exterminator mode. NPC huge ‘queen’ monster somehow in the game; capable of fighting back or at least defending itself. Revives the monster if the monster dies. Hunters have to kill the queen to win. Effectively a monster-oriented counter to Defend.


That sounds so beautiful.


I’ve always thought they should make Defend more available to play instead of just at the 5th day in Evacuation.


Isnt that what evolve is already?


I mean they are playing together on one map. The monster player wouldnt be alone anymore.

  1. Monster vs Monster (1 vs 1 or 4 vs 4)

  2. Hunter vs Hunter (4 vs 4)

  3. Double Monster Trouble (4 hunters vs 2 monsters)

  4. Pandemonium (8 hunters vs 2 to 4 monsters)

  5. Deathmatch Classic (8 - 16 players randomly spawn as hunter or monster, and kill each other)

  6. Left 4 Hunted (same as 4 vs 1 mode, but with increased creature spawn rate, and the non-monster creatures actively approach hunters to attack them)

  7. Endgame (future patch where all 16 hunters vs all 5 monsters, with 21 players)

  8. Beyond Doom (same as (7) but combined with (6) ).

  9. Man vs Monsters (1 enlarged and powered up Hunter vs 4 miniature monsters).


What about juggernaught where one player is a monster and all the other players are hunters and one of them has to kill the monster to become the monster that idea would be funny.


ohhhhhh I GET IT NOW


God, if only


I really like the ‘Left 4 Hunted’ and the ‘Man vs Monster’ ideas. and they are realistic too. Turtle Rock could actually make those gamemodes. :slight_smile: