New Gamemode idea


I was thinking one day while watching the live stream a couple days ago and thought to my self there should be a Gamemode like Micheal Myers. Picture like a factory or a base completely destroyed and the hunters were all that remained in the massacre and the monster is stage three and is still looking for hunters. As the hunters you must survive with limited ammo for a certain amount of time maybe like 10 minutes or so, and they have to get to a evacuation point at the end of the time limit. And as the monster it is your job to kill the hunter before they can get away. I also thought it would be cool if the monster could have a chance to destroy the evac ship just like the end of every match in titanfall, giving it that much suspence like we aren’t going to make it​:scream::joy:. But maybe the dropships could have a turret or a giant net gun or something to by them selves more time or giant remote controlled robots like bucket maybe. But anyway that’s what I thought of my Gamemode, probably a bad idea for a gamemode, lol tell me what you guys think. Lol the hunter have definitly became the hunted.


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