New Gamemode idea: Onslaught


It’s a mode that’s been done before on many games in different forms (Horde, Survival, etc) and I think it’d work really well with Evolve and be immensely fun for both sides:

Onslaught: The hunters have to survive an onslaught of Stage 1 monsters until the timer reaches 0. Monster wins if it kills all hunters. Hunters win if they survive for 30mins.

  • The hunters do not drop, they start on the ground and get a few moments to get their bearings. (While the Monster player chooses their first monster and abilities).
  • A monster roars in the distance and a 30min clock starts ticking down.
  • The hunters must remain in a specific area for the clock to tick down, leaving this area pauses the clock.
  • The monster player gets an endless supply of fully armoured Stage 1 monsters (but cannot evolve)
  • The monster player can choose a different monster type for their next spawn once one dies
  • When the hunters kill a monster one hunter receives a random buff. The whole team is informed of who and what has changed.
  • When the monster kills a hunter a 1min dropship countdown begins. The player can choose a different hunter at this point if they want.
  • Periodically a crate will appear on the map allowing a hunter to remove any strikes they may have. The crate will not be close to the rescue zone though, meaning a potentially dangerous solo trip outside the zone (which will pause the clock).
  • Wildlife is present on the map but there are no buffs attached as these are applied to hunters randomly as a reward.

So that’s the outline of the game mode. The monster player can try out all the monsters against the hunters and the hunters get to test themselves against a variety of monsters. Each countering the other with character selection as the match progresses.

Let me know what you think… :smile:


Sorry, i feel like it would be out of place in this game. I think defense is as close as you’ll get.


Was just an idea to flip the game on it’s head, where a monster death doesn’t equal a loss, unlike all other game modes.


That could be interesting, but i keep hearing wave based game mode ideas and that just isn’t the vibe i get from evolve. Some interesting core ideas though.


I agree that wave based modes aren’t for this game, but this idea does have potential. It’s only ever 1 Monster at a time facing 4 Hunters, but the problem is that it’s too close to Defend on the objective.

Hunters already have an advantage on the Stage 1 Monster, so take away the Random Buffs and stick them back on wildlife, but the Monster can’t obtain these buffs. It would give more incentive for the Hunters to stray from their “Hill”.

I definitely like the idea of a re spawning monster (would make Masteries ever easier to do), and I do wish Defend had that.


The odds are stacked slightly against the monster player, not unfairly but enough to make matches more fun. Getting rid of the random buffs is fine.

I just like the idea of having a mode where the monster player gets a chance to be aggressive without having to worry about death being a game ender.

This can’t be part of the Evac campaign though.


Starting to sound like KOTH


I like it. It would force a stage 1 monster to fight the hunters, which never happens. It would be fun for both sides. The monster gets to kamikaze, and the hunters get to roflstomp some stage 1 player controlled monsters.