New gamemode concept! Lair


Ever think about a new gamemode for Evolve that doesn’t include giant T-Rexes with flame breath and teleportation? A gamemode that can actually work in this game and includes all the ‘mystery’ of the story into one big gamemode? Alright, here is my brainfart on the game where I think it might work very well and be fun.

What is the one thing we lack right now? A gamemode where the monster needs to ‘defend’. And how do you realistically implement this in the current game without changing the core of the game? During the game the hunters mention a ‘origin’ of the eggs in Nest. The eggs aren’t being put there by the current monsters and I doubt if the Behemoth does. Since we have a 5th monster spot left and a ‘summoner’ type of monster left, there is a spot left for a “Queen” type of monster. A monster that can spawn small minions and does 3 other tricks that can be thought of by the developer. You could even ignore the ‘5th monster part’ and see the Queen as a monster objective that is alive, but unplayable.

Again, we lack a gamemode where the monster has to defend and we also have parts of the story that explains that Ebonstar has known that the monsters have been on Shear for about 7 months maybe even more. The period of time to build a Wraith trap… etc. So what if there is a Queen (similar to the Alien movies) who has a big lair somewhere and she needs to be protected by the monster where the hunters need to kill the queen. A Queen sometimes running around in the wild (like a playable monster) but also a stationary one who is a bit more “productive” and pregnant. The idea is that the Queen will reside in her lair and the monster needs to protect it. Forcing the monster to stay close to protect her. BUT you need a reason to go out and see the map so besides Evolving I thought, why not have the monsters eat wildlife and let them puke it out for the Queen so she can regain some health, but at the cost of Evolving to the next stage, armor, or even the monsters health. Maybe even have a map where the Queens lair is in an underground facility made by Ebonstar, taken over by the monsters, but the Queen is still stuck in the breeding machine.

The gamemode would reveal a lot more background story on itself, it would include a new type of monster that will be used as an objective for a ‘defend the queen’ gamemode “Lair”. Wraith players will finally stalk their prey like they should, Behemoths will forced to be a living wall, Krakens will be kiting the group keeping them busy and the Goliath will beat the crap out of you until he needs to run himself.

Now here is the thing that needs to be implemented to make this gamemode fun

  • Use of the whole map
  • Wildlife needs to be eaten
  • Hunters need a main objective (kill the queen) and a side objective
  • Monster needs a main objective (protect the queen) and a side objective
  • The mode needs to break loose from “hunt” making it a second priority if either party dies.
  • The Queen needs to be able to defend herself to a limit, but only to keep some chaos in the fight for if the monster is not there.

So a side objective could be that the Queen lays an egg once every some many minutes. And this could be done in stages. Every Queen stage filled by the work of the monster; feeding the Queen. The mechanic. Stage 1 brings 1 minion and 1 egg that he needs to cross across the map. Stage 2, 2 minions with an egg that they need to bring across the map. Stage 3, 3 minions with an egg that they need to cross across the map. Have the monster bring 4 out of the 6 eggs and he wins. During the period where the minions run, the queen makes a cocoon like the armor of the eggs that CAN be damaged, but very slowly. Making it possible to force the monster to decide to protect the queen again and sacrifice an egg, or for the hunters to attack the queen to do some serious damage before the end of the match. When the hunters achieve to kill more than 3 minions + their eggs, the queen will enrage and break loose from her lair and try to kill the hunters and/or escape making her very vulnerable. Her strength based on her stage but coupled with another monster will be a very intimidating fight.

Another way to beat the match is to break even when it comes to the minions. Don’t let the monster feed the queen and keep them both busy. Do as much damage on the queen as you can while the monster hunts for food to kill it while it is still in it’s lair. Keep in mind that the queen cannot get out, but will still use her attacks to knock you back, keep the healer busy and spawn small critters to safe time. This going back and forth on the map including some sacrifice from the monster to make the queen stronger would give some interesting gameplay and split from the modes we have now. In the gamemode “Lair” you would combine both nest, rescue and defend into one epic gamemode that will be true to its gameplay and give the option to add some very interesting background story to what happened on shear. The theory that humans did it is old, but still fun. Also makes for some interesting mocking conversations between the hunters.

Let me know what you think! This is my concept with very rough edges, there is more to it, but worthless if the idea, in its roots, is flawed.


We have nest, that’s practically it defend + managing recources (aka. hatch or not to hatch)

It’s sounds kinda nice, I like it, but pub would fail badly at that, too damn complex.


I still experience Nest as a speedrun to eat as fast as you can bust out a minion and kill the hunters, it has nothing to do with defending since there is little defending to do. You don’t need to protect one thing and with good strategy the hunters can attack 3 targets at once. Although nest is fun, it’s not the mode that I find missing.


I love this idea.


Defend would sound complex aswell with all the turrets, respawns, minions, generators, shields and unique maps. I don’t hink it’s that complex. Kill the queen, or kill the minions to force the queen out. And protect the queen, forcefeed her your puke to make her stronger :stuck_out_tongue: Protect the minions carrying the eggs and help them get the eggs away. By keeping the monster stage low the fight will last longer and he will be less likely to attack the group. And if a stage 1 master overtakes a group, then they were kinda doomed to fail as well. Everything else is basic mechanics to make the mode interesting.


On the core queen minion mechanic, unless the minions aren’t fighting I worry that they may be overpowered.

A single minion and an armored Stage 1 Monster can be a even or difficult fight for Hunters in Nest, so I think this would be better if there was only one minion of a sort all the time acting as a convoy.

A fighting minion bodyguard could fight in the first wave, but other than that I feel that the Monster should feel on the clock to either attack the Hunters or grow stronger to do so later.

I’m not sure how it could be balanced to have the Queen fight alongside the Hunters at the end unless they received help - if the Monster is Stage 3 it would be an uphill fight already.

I worry that involving minions or the queen fighting would be very hard to balance if the Hunters are always the same strength.

Off topic, this sort of reminds me of my Parasite Queen suggestion long ago - we could use a broodmother Monster archetype.


Well for the queen spawning “summons” they should be small and easy to defeat. Sorta like reavers, but then smaller. They just need to distract and keep fire off the queen, they aren’t there to kill the hunters. The minions + eggs act like the minions from defend. They have an objective and they want to finish it. Destroying their egg however might enrage them, same as when their health reaches below 10%.


Ah, I see.

So the Hunters wouldn’t need to deal with them till they enraged them.


Sounds like a cool game mode, to bad i cant add it to the Game mode List because suddently i cannot edit the Primary post :confused:


Sounds like a good idea! Have you tried again?


thats amazing hope the Devs see it


Exactly what I had in mind, too =). I’d love to see this gamemode.


Thanx for all the positive comments! Me and a buddy have been chatting around in some lobbies as well to check how people verbally react to the idea. The chance that the developers will implement this is very small because the same work that went into defend needs to be done into ‘Lair’. That will only work if they are up for it. BUT the reactions were amazing. People loved it, asked questions and tried adding elements where a few flaws still show. It’s a concept of an idea that doesn’t break the game in any way. It includes skill, strategy, priorities and logic and a complete flip up the game that we know. The only question to ask is balance for each monster. Does every monster act equally when it comes to defending one spot. Is the wraith a joke? Is the Behemoth too strong? Is the Goliath fast enough. For hunt it’s running away mostly, this kinda counters that.


I wrote this a one and a half year ago. This still seems better then The Deeper Dark. An actual gamemode with replayability. This arcade nonsense made me lose interest in Evolve. I rarely play it with friends for fun, but it lost its mojo too much to be pulled back in.