New game modes ideas?


The first idea I have is that there is a head to head battle with two team of hunters with a monster on each team. Then for my second idea I was thinking that a PvP battle between hunters only, or between monsters only. For the PvP monster battle the two monsters start at different locations on the map, but there can only be one Alpha.


why not mix the two, have both monsters battle it out, and both hunters battle it out. then both alphas fight each other.


I don’t want any more gamemodes. Nor do I want MvM or HvH.


Isnt that what I said in my first idea?

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@10shredder00 isn’t that what I said in my first idea

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On topic, I think there just might be too many issues trying to create game types like this. Evolve was built and balanced for 4 v 1. Something like this would probably require extensive rework of the existing framework and coding.


@TheMountainThatRoars you may be right but if it takes time then they should get to work

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It’s still to fun to think about other gamemodes, but MvM and HvH are still stupid. :wink:


Or what about the hunters can buff the monster like the support buffs the hunters?

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Have an arena mode with 2 monsters vs 8 hunters, the game should remain totally balanced no? And should not require any further work? I know the game can handle having 2 monsters (we’ve seen the glitch in action), question mark still over whether it can handle the extra 4 hunters though :confused:

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I don’t think they can add another game mode at this point, everything that isn’t Hunt is already poorly balanced.

For Evolve 2 however, they should definitely replace all those trivial modes (Nest, rescue…) by new game modes on par with Hunt.

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There is going to be an evolve 2?

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Nothing’s been confirmed or leaked or rumoured, but there is some speculation that TRS are working on something new and BIG.

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For Evolve. :slight_smile:


A 16 hunters vs 4 monsters game. Where monsters and hunters have low HP or high damage output like 600% and can easily kill eachother. The game has a time limit, and the team with the most kills win.

It won’t have to edit much of game mechanics, just add a 600% damage, 4 monster spawns with 16 Hunter spawns, and a new map. Just allow 4 lobbies of players connect to get the 16v4.

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Please no. I dislike monster versus monster ideas. I dislike Hunter versus Hunter. It doesn’t make sense lore wise as well.

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how about a mode where the hunters have to hunt a monster thats stage 9001 and is the size of godzilla

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How 'bout a defend-like game mode where the monsters defend and the hunters attack. The hunters fight along side giant mechs and need to kill the Host, who is protected by the Alpha monster and specialised turret-like minions.

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A bounty system like said in pervious post bigger maps more details in environment more monsters at one time Moore than one group of hunters . If the monster kills more group of hunters it gets more notorious witch make the bounty on that monster head go up the bounty point could be xp to booster ur hunter or in case of monster boost there ability or there look . Maybe monster on monster because ur really not the alpha unless u could kill ir conteder make shear feel like an actual wild plant instead of sections of a plant where running in hamster wheel with hunters behind you chasing u down make it feel like a battlefield mixed with a ark survival


Modo de juego: infestación

Descripción: consiste en situar en un mapa de tipo ciudad a la criatura que el jugador escoja y a los cuatro cazadores, además de la fauna se colocaría un cierto número de gorgonas de defensa y espectros, todas en nivel inicial. El objetivo de los cazadores es eliminar a todos los huevos en un lapso de tiempo de 10 minutos. Los huevos se encuentran en grandes grupos y cantidades y son custodiados por criaturas de nivel inicial. La criatura que controla el jugador aparecerá en nivel 2 para atacar a los cazadores (o si desea pasar al nivel tres para mayor ventaja estaría bien). Si la criatura pierde y muere tardara 2.5 minutos en regresar al mapa pero con un nivel inicial (debe de alimentarse para poder hacerse más fuerte). Los cazadores ganan si logran destruir todos los huevos (de Gorgona y espectro) localizados en el mapa en menos del tiempo dado. La criatura gana si los cazadores son eliminados por esta o si no logran terminar su misión de contención de plaga. Al cabo de los 10 minutos los huevos comienzan a eclosionar y aparecen numerosas criaturas (ya nombradas) que infestan toda la ciudad. En este modo de juego tanto los cazadores como la criatura reviven enfrentándose más de una vez (la velocidad con que se elimine a la criatura para proseguir dependerá del grado de experiencia de cada jugador).

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