New game modes (brainstorming)


Hi all!
Evolve only has 4 game modes, hunting, rescue, nest and defend.
I imagine add some news game modes to spice up the Evolve experience.
starting that the Evacuation mode is divided in 5 days, and the monster IA
Invasion mode also in 5 days
New mode, is like nest, but instead of eggs are minions. the minions can work together or protect their territories. in this mode there are no monster, only minions. the minions have 1 or 2 abilities
New mode, VIP, the hunters have to protect a special colonist to do a task, the colonist has armor and health longer than hunters. the colonist has to go from point A (drop zone) to point B (job zone) enter to a building or something, to point C (evacuation point). the hunters has to arrive before the monster to the drop zone.
New mode only for day 5, Queen Lair. 8 hunters vs 1 level 4 Queen monster. hunters have to enter to monster den to kill it. they fight minor minions, the hunters are divided in two 4-hunter teams entering in opposite sides of the map
New mode, last man stand, 8 hunters with 3 waves of minions, monsters. First wave minions with or without armor, and with or without abilities, the one level 1 monster, another wave and level 2 monster, and the last wave and a level 3 monster. hunters has to survive long enough to drop ship arrive. there is no re spawn, but there is no strikes either.

I don’t know how complex could be to add new modes. there are many difficulties for example, without monster there is no 4 vs 1 game
and 8 vs 1 also would be too difficult to add to the game
and a level 4 monster maybe is to powerful even for 8 players
and only one game for 8 players is difficult to find, today is already difficult to find a 4 player game.
and today the maps could not work for the modes, by size or geography.

maybe for Evolve 2 :smile:

Game Mode: support team, 4 vs 1 mode (but looks like 8 vs 1), each hunter chose the first and second wave of hunter. if one hunter is killed the drop ship send the second one.

Game Mode: Double team: 8 vs 1 mode, is like the above mode, but with players, the second wave of players waits until the first teams dies. there is only one dropship and if the monster kills the second wave, game over.
(interest twist) if Lazarus is in the second wave, maybe can revive the hunters of the first wave. So the monster has to hurry to eat them :smile:
bad for the second wave if the first one kills the monster :sweat: can be solved with a 2 day mission to switch the hunters