New game mode


First things first this isn’t a evolve critisism thread. I’m not here to say that evolve doesn’t have enough content or that it’s game modes suck. I actually love evolve as it is! I want this thread to be a place to share any new game modes that could make the game even better.

One of my favorite parts in the game is when you’re the last person left and trying to hide from the monster. So I thought that we could base a mode off that. You turn off all weapons for the hunters (just make them not do damage or something) and you only allow the monster to pounce. Then, instead of having the monster start first, you have the hunters try to run and hide for their life off the bat while a gaint monster arrives and tries to kill them. To keep this game mode form lasting forever if the monster can’t find a guy, a drop ship would come around five minutes into the game that the hunters would have to make it too or be left behind. The hunters would have a limited amount of time to get to it and the round would end when the ship left. I don’t really know how you would decide who won a round. Maybe the monster has to kill or stop three of the four hunters from reaching the drop ship?

I just made theses rules off the top of my head and they could be changed or added to if you guys can think of anything. Also, type in some of your ideas if you have any new game modes that would be good for the game. My mode is kinda a joke mode where people are supposed to have more fun then really compete but another serious mode would be cool too!


There are new maps and gamemodes planned.