New game mode to show your true skill (idea)


I was thinking about all the threads about how the game is balance or is unbalance, and i came out with a new mode idea to demonstrate your true ability in the game.

IS LIKE AN EVACUATION CAMPAIGN but designed to multiplayer only (5 people) to let you play all the classes and the monster. Each day you win you score some point and at the end of the 5 day the player with most point win the CAMPAIGN

for example you start as the ASSAULT(and you can choose betwen the 3 tier), the second day you are SUPPORT, then MEDIC than TRAPPER, finally MONSTER (you can chose the monster you want)

Is a 5 DAY campaign:


player 1: ASSAULT
player 2: SUPPORT
player 3: MEDIC
player 4: TRAPPER
player 5: MONSTER (and it chose the map)


player 1: SUPPORT
player 2: MEDIC
player 3: TRAPPER
player 4: MONSTER (and it chose the map)
player 5: ASSAULT


player 1: MEDIC
player 2: TRAPPER
player 3: MONSTER (and it chose the map)
player 4: ASSAULT
player 5: SUPPORT

DAY 4 (switch again)

DAY 5 (switch again)


-5 days hunt
-5 player only (4 hunter 1 monster)
-each day you change class and 1 day you play as the monster
-each game won give you some point
-at the end of the 5 days the player with more points is the winner
-each day is a very different game because all player are using a different class so you cant know how they play that class :smile:

if you win 1 day as ASSAULT, TRAPPER, SUPPORT or MEDIC= 1 point
is you win as the monster you score point depend the monster level you win

-level 1 monster win= 2 point
-level 2 monster win= 1.5 point
-level 3 monster win= 1 point

so when you play the monster you try to reach LV 3 but score less point,

or try to win LV 1 with the risk to loose the day and score no point?

Tell me what you think about this game mode because i think it can be REALLY funny! :smile: