New game mode suggestions


Well so far we’ve got hunt, nest, rescue, and defend but we’ve got a gap in evacuation there are 4 matches but only three modes-see the problem? ok so i think (and hear me out) there should be a another mode called war where a team of hunters and (get this) their own monster that they have brainwashed or something that go against another monster and 4 minions that respawn in 1:30 instead of the standard 30 seconds


I had an idea like that, but instead of a monster and minions, its against another
team and their monster (you can go check it out if you want)


Not a good idea. The game is built around 4v1.

I don’t see that working well.


Is it inexplicably ironic how you appeared in another one of my threads to disagree with me? Or did you stumble upon it by chance?


Like the idea of another gamemode but not that


I am on these forums all day long. Don’t flatter yourself lol. I didn’t and never really notice who I am agreeing or disagreeing with.


Oh well, if you really have nothing better to do then comment away I was just perplexed as to how no longer than a day after my previous thread was commented on by you, you appeared on this one


Have to agree with him actually.

This would make it a little silly if we changed hte formatn ow.


Yeah but who would the team consist of? Its a good Idea but it has to have something to do with evacuation’s storyline I mean if the opposing team were maybe the aliens that designed the monsters consisted of it, it would make more sense y’know?


Could be thugs or outlaws that came to Shear illegally, and did the whole arena thing for sport


Btw these guys dont get it. Sure the game is 4v1 with all other modes, but thats the problem! More variety = More players
More players = More money for TRS… Its a win win


Y’know what? lets throw this under the bus and blow the bus to smithereens because I am new to the forums and want to have a nice time on them no I’m not playing the bigger man card that’s for people who think they are right to finish a debate without overtly saying it no, I will admit (finally right?) that it was childish of me to take (at least what I believe) to be constructive criticism so offensively so for that I apologize I just thought I was ganged up on because I am not used to such brutal honesty so from here on out im just going to forget about it and hope that you and whoever else do the same


Exactly, and if not on this particular game maybe a sequel I shall look forward to more depth in the story of evolve I think this was a game that the developers toyed and tweaked with to see if it would excel commercially and it has so far now they can work even harder on a sequel now that this game has been so well received but, some maintenance to these servers must commence buyers will not deal with connectivity issues this terrible a second time at least not as nearly as before


Erm, maybe you’re still on the right track but you have to think, why would thugs even be allowed on a planet that is being tamed I would imagine it is an imperative job and that thugs doing something that outrageous wouldn’t get very far doing what they were doing


Yea. Plus Evolve would be a perfect game to tell 2 or more sides to the same story.

Also, I have a feeling Evolve 2 will be made by VALvE…


Exactly, they wouldnt be allowed. Secret transport ships can drop them off if they have the money. And they could use it as a safe haven. Which is why they would have the battles… For entertainment


Hmm still good in fact it is brilliant now that I’ve thought about it the planet is being evacuated do to the monster infestation in the commotion the thugs or whomever will quietly land on the planet and do their thing


But there is still one problem who would the thugs (remember there can only be 4) and their monster be fighting against?


Maybe you can customize a character, which would take some time to make, but would be worth it. And the monsters would just be the same monsters, but possible with “home-made” armore plates.


I can’t help but feel this is hinting towards gory Pokemon (just kidding) but are you suggesting that that there should be ten players in one match? It wouldn’t really be evolve anymore then it would be like a plagiarized Pokemon game think a little smaller, we’re on to something