New game mode rumble


How about a game mode in which the monster starts off at stage 2, half armor, and a permanent dome in an even area with a little wildlife? A game mode to practice fighting and to get some quick action. Thoughts?


My personal preference would be full health full armor stage two, no running, no perks at all, no dropships, no wildlife.


Hank Caira Combo would make monsters lose everytime. You need strike accumulation to end them.


nah, just beat the everloving carp out of hank, the only thing he’ll see are the strike coming in real fast :smiley:


Sounds an awful lot like the game mode suggestion I had.
I’m keeping my eye on you.


I didn’t read it, but great minds think alike. It seems like a no brainer. I like the hunting aspect of the game, but sometimes I only have a short time to get some action. I think it would make hunt better too, because monster players will realize that they don’t always have to run. The overall gameplay would be better because players will learn how to fight, on both sides


We aren’t great minds.
I’m insane. :stuck_out_tongue:


Touché honkey.
I’m an asshole


This has been brought up several times as an arena mode.