New game mode : Raid


Raid Mode.

Monster starts on the outskirts of a community. No wildlife. Only NPC humans, and the equivalent of the boreon crates in the mines maps. (filled with human synth paste rations?)

These are civilians so they have no offensive capabilities. Monster has like twenty seconds before the civilians are alerted and you then start the drop scene for the hunters. When the free-farm section is done, humans will then start making their way to bunkers. But no jetpacks for them.

Civilians have started to retreat to bunkers which monster can break into, each having little life-bars like the power relays do.

Hunter objectives kill monster, or protect X number of bunker panic rooms.

Monster objective, kill hunters or destroy X number of bunker / panic rooms / kill percentage of NPC humans.

Panic bunkers could have some kind of hunter-operated defenses to help offset the free farm portion where monsters will definitely level up faster than they do in a game of hunt. Perhaps turrets like in defend, but which are only operational when a hunter is within a certain distance of them.

I would like to see something like this in the game. This puts more monster in the monster, and more hero in the hunter.

What do you think?


I like this idea, but when you say raid I’m Thinking several stage 3 monsters( all player controlled) working together with the objective to take down a town and its defense system ( big tanks, machines, civilians, ect.) Hunters using the defensive equipment to take down all stage 3 monsters.


I’m trying to work with the setup already in place.

More players means things have to change with matching software. Multiple monsters means issues with balance.

What i think is interesting about the Raid idea is that the monster is supposed to be this destructive force. We see in the evacuation mode thousands of civilian deaths. Aparently from shutting down the weather station that tames hurricanes, or killing power to cities. The monsters themselves are not often shown actually doing much damage.

This gives the players a chance to pull some old-school “Rampage” havoc without thoroughly changing how the game works.

Monster still hunts NPC creatures. But instead of marsh striders its civilians. Bunkers don’t need any special work really, just a model of a metal box that can be broken into, where there will be either NPC humans that flee, or a model of a pile of corpses/rubble that the monster can feast on.

High risk, high reward as it takes a while to break it open, though not as long as the generators, and you aren’t moving around while the hunters will get an alert as to which bunker is taking damage.

This mode is basically still hunt, but with an added… “monster-y” objective of actively terrorizing the humans.


I actually really love this idea.

Which Stage do you want the Monster starting as?


I was thinking you start at level 1.

There’s an extra free-farm at the beginning, in my mind during this free-farm is when the hunters are called in, story wise. So the likelihood of first meeting the hunters at level 2 should rise quite a lot.

That’s why i thought it would be a good idea to add in the gun turrets. Maybe make them rise out of impenetrable hatches in the ground when a hunter first interacts with one so the monster can’t just roam themap killing inoperable turrets before any fights happen.

This way the turrets act as a balancer for the free farm at the beginning, and offer additional backup for a hunting team that spreads out to cover multiple panic rooms. Trapper can go to a bunker by himself and do a lot more damage when in range of a turret, adding area denial to with fewer hunters on scene, but monster can still knock the hunters away from the turrets, making them inopperable, since they work on hunter proximity (blue-tooth distance, haha) and once they’ve been activated they are available to be destroyed by monster, whether CURRENTLY active or not.

Turrets could do a variety of things, from DPS to a Sunny-like shield generator. There’s a wide range of ways to make panic room fights interesting using tech that already exists in the game. Pick a hunter ability and have it come from a turret…

So monster can farm up early, then start raiding the panic rooms, drawing hunters to one side of the map intending to skirt around them and attack another panic room. Doing a little damage to a panic room, then circling back when hunters aren’t there to finish it off.

Then having the ability to monster up on some fleeing NPC humans should be a real blast.