New Game Mode: Pitched Battle


Ptiched Battle

Supposing there’s not a game-crashing memory limit that i’m not aware of, think of this…

Hunters and Monsters have spawning points on the opposite sides of the map.

Monster player picks 3 monsters. Each hunter picks 3 hunters. Can be the same hunter repeatedly, or same monster repeatedly.

Both go to center of the field to control some objective. Any player can retreat to their base to tag in a different monster / hunter. But health bar damage is permanent.

So, Monster player chooses Kraken, Goliath and Behemoth. Monster player has 4 “Stage” points to allot. 2 into Kraken, making it stage 2, 2 into Goliath and 1 in Behemoth. Or could make a monster stage 3 and only have two monsters.

Kraken goes for king of the hill style objective in middle of map, finds he’s up agaisnt a fantastic Abe who won’t let him fly. Backs out, re-engages as Goliath. Uses goliath’s abilities to largely ignore the stasis grenades, gets a strike and then a death on Abe. Abe player has the opportunity to choose a different hunter at the drop ship.

So this is a protracted battle where you burn through lots of lives on both sides where the objective is dominating a section of the map for the most time. Live or die, the objective is area dominance.

Goliath can be swapped back out for that Kraken, but whatever damage has been done will stay. Hunters lose a character upon 4 incaps. They keep the last hunter with two incaps if they burn through all their “lives”

This does but up against a whoe host of balance issues. It does bring in the multiple monster idea people bring up a lot, and the multiple teams of hunters, but without the additional players.
Mode would have a time limite of 10 to 15 mins.

Why king of the hill? For gameplay, it’s to force the pitched battles. For story reasons, it could be a factory where workers hide when the monster is nearby and they are building something that helps the colonists get off the planet, or med-missile tech from evac mode. Or maybe an ideal nest location for the monsters which needs to be protected from the hunters before the eggs can be laid.