New Game Mode Ideas For the Future


As all of us know by now evolve could use some more game modes to keep things fresh. There are many things I have had in mind why just stick with 4 v 1? At the end of the evacuation campaign it shows a cut-scene of all 12 hunters facing off against a swarm of monsters. Why not turn this into a game mode that would be pretty damn fun if you ask me. Perhaps make it so 12 hunters face off against 3 human monsters on bigger maps that would be a interesting concept as long as the monsters have enough wildlife to feed on. Maybe make it so the monsters start at stage 2 so that monsters don’t have to worry about stealing each other farm right away. As for another idea why just make it Hunter Vs Monster? Why not make a game mode where a Human monster can face off against another human monster? This would happen in the wildlife so why not make it a game mode that would be something new to try out and I feel like the community would enjoy it. As for a final idea why not make it so that Hunters and monsters can fight together on one team? Who knows the hunters could have been raising a monster since it was a baby just like how Maggie trained daisy. What if there was a game mode where 4 hunters and a monster faced off against another group that consists of 4 hunters and a monster. This would crate a unique experience where the hunters and the monster will have to come up with effective strategies on how to take down the other team. Like the monster can act as a tank for the team and help soak up damage to save the hunters while they focus fire on the other monster. I feel like if just these 3 game modes where added we would have enough of a game there to last for a few years. Just add a few characters and monsters every once and awhile and this game will last even longer. I am just surprised that turtle rock didn’t think of any of this. The concept of the 4 hunters vs one monster is a really neat idea but you cant really make the whole game just that. If they expand the game in other areas we will have an experience that is truly unique.


This has been discussed literally hundreds of times before, and the devs have always said they tried but couldn’t manage it due to hardware limitations.

They’ve already tried Monster v Monster, but it didn’t work out for many reasons. :confused:

I want this so much.


We can still hope that in the future they might try these concepts again. There has to be some way to pull it off it will just take time. In the long run I feel like if they can pull it off the game will be big. I really want this game to do good and last. I really enjoy this game and I would like to see the community grow


Probably not until the next console generation. Perhaps not even then. :confused: