New game mode idea!


We all have discussed how in all reality, a person would die immediately from a leap smash, get roasted to the face etc.; but what if we made that a reality?

The health values would be EXTREMELY warped to fit that if a hunter took a point blank firebreath, or had your face slashed off with a couple meleesthey would die instantly. The same effect applies to the monsters! If you nail a monster with a barrage of mortars, they die instantly. Or if they were to take two clips of crows rifle!

In this model it sounds you might not live long at all. And you won’t! You will have unlimited or a very high set of respawns! In this model, it makes sense if we incorporate 10v10s, 30 vs 20, etc. It will essentially be very action packed, and kinda dark in terms of lore because hunters are dying everywhere. There would mostly be stage 1 monsters leading the attack much like minions, with the occasional stage 2 as a reward if you score enough hunter kills.

We could have the hunters protecting and escorting some fleeing refugees, or have defending some stations very much like Defend except on a larger scale.
This is a very ambitious idea but honestly it would add a whole dynamic to the game unbefore-seen.


Would love to see multiple minions VS Hunters

It would be great. This mode doesn’t need teamwork that much I think because you have unlimited respawns

All FPS players can play it



Anyhow, while this idea and a lot of the others would seem great and all they are not very likely. Hell the only reason we got Arena is because it was a super easy mode to make.

“Let’s take the Hunt out of Hunt! Viola! New mode!”

This would seem very complex in order to make and would seem more likely in an Evolve 2 than an update. But it could be possible. Who knows what TRS is doing after the Tier 3 Adaptations.


I’ll be honest. I guarantee no new modes are ever being made.


I feel the same way … but hopefully it will be in the future . TRS can make a mode that doesn’t rely on teamwork like the rest

I think we will get variations and fix Nest/Rescue for now . That’s pretty much it . TRS may shock us . Who knows


Sounds like a deathmatch game.

I would love to see it. My idea is that hunters could kill a monster in 12-20 hits while a monster can 1-shot a hunter. This would make it like a 5v20, where 4 lobbies would connect to play out this game.

The flaws I see are major balancing on automatic-weapon classes, removal of class abilities, and medic’s healing. I guess make melee attacks do no damage so Medic can heal hunters. Another MAJOR problem is that Evolve uses 1 player to host a game, meaning that a 25 player game would need 1 host and players may suffer because of that. They would need to switch over hosting onto steam/2k/trs servers.

I can just imagine a game that looks like the end of evacuation. Love to see, TRS please <3


I like the whole escorting thing, feels like it would somewhat similar to L4D if done well!
The maps would have to have some slight changes to make them more linear so they last longer, but it would still be really cool! Might help if the monsters only had one traversal and the hunters only had 1 JP dodge worth of fuel before recharging. Slow things down a bit so both sides have a chance to react. Hunters could gain “extra lives” by rescuing downed hunters along the way. (Though going out of their way to get them would mean the monsters have extra time to set up ambushes/attack) And the wildlife would be terribly scary in this mode! :laughing:

Anyways, yours is definitely a cool idea with lots of room to build on! :smile:


so monsters will have respawns 2 am I understanding right


Correct. Monsters would have a large respawn pool or infinite respawns.


If you take teamwork out of this game it’s just another lame cookie cutter shooter.