New Game Mode Idea: Evolution


So I think this idea could turn out really cool and in my opinion fit the world of evolve very well. What inspired me to make this game mode was actually a game on Starcraft 2’s Arcade called EVO. So, here is my idea:

Players: There would be no hunters. There could be anywhere from maybe 4-8 monsters that are all fighting each other.

Idea: The basic idea is that players start as an extremely weak monster. It would be very small, not very fast, and deal low damage. But players can eat food from the environment (In EVO players can eat fruit too, but not sure if that would work here) to evolve. Each time you evolve however, you do not learn new or better abilities. Instead, you can evolve basic things such as more health, faster move speed, or more damage. And as you evolve you grow bigger and will change into different monsters depending on what build you go for. Now you would also be challenged by other monsters and wildlife. You would be racing the other player-controlled monsters to evolve fastest, and monsters can fight each other. Now people have said M v M battles would be unbalanced, and i agree, but with evolution game mode everyone would be creating different builds, so in my opinion it would balanced. Also, you would have to be careful of dangerous wildlife and even deadly plants attacking you. The goal is to be last monster standing.

If you wanted to make it even more interesting there could be like 1-3 assault only hunters which have to take down the monsters, which could even cause monsters to make uneasy truces. Not sure if that would work though

Let me know what you think of this idea. i think it fits really well in evolve. :smiley:


It does sound interesting, but it would be way too expensive to produce dozens of different models for different stages and

That would be costly too :disappointed:


I agree, it would take a lot of work. Maybe they could have something like steam workshop where they can approve community stuff?


I had an idea as a small but fun mode. you would start in a double the mobil arena with a full health lvl 2 monster at full health and armor and 4 hunters with full health and no down penelties, and the mobile arena wont come down.
no drop ship just a quick arena style fight to the death


this makes my head hurt! Ouch! So much money to put down you would ruin them!!