New game breaking bug on ps4


So first thing first as i came out of dropship i was stuck in the air and wasn’t able to drop and then it says “leaving territory” again !! but then the whole game all the hunters were able to like hover in the air all game it was fun but also stupid gliding really high up and slowly desending,don’t know if it was a hack or massive glitch either way it’s only happened once so maybe more bugs are creeping in so TRS are your team looking at all these bugs? because more and more are comming and ps4 have only had 1 patch well 2 if you include micro one but come on we love your game but so many gamers are really getting peed off with all the bugs etc…


This issue can quite literally win the game for the Monster if all Hunters get stuck and I’ve seen quite a few get stuck at the same time.


The same happened to my friend


I actually seen it happen to the Kracken too but he just froze mid air without the gliding though lol


I’ve just had problems with the game freezing my entire ps4. Only problem I’ve came across.


I think it happens on PC too. Would explain why I once won a game literally seconds after I heard the Hunters drop in.