New Founder Badge...?


Elder Kraken badge like the Meaty one?

What's this?

HNNNNNNGH! I want it!


I hope so.That would be awesome. :smile:


Wait…there’s a meteor Goliath badge!!!



Dammit, I wish I was founder on PC, I’m missing so much :sob:



Would you get it if it were?


That looks awesome! I need it for my badge collection. :yum:


I was using it before I swapped to the Daisy badge…er, the tinker toy Meteor I mean. I haven’t looked at this potential Elder Kraken one.


Kelder variation confirmed!!!111!!111!

Srsly tho, what do you guys think it could be?





Just a badge that you will unlock by leveling up your account ( lvl 50+) I am pretty sure


already checked all the current lvl up badges and this one isnt between them


What if its a behemoth variation? But it really looks like the elder kraken, but my opinion I hope its a behemoth variation.


I’ve seen this Picture before.

I Just think this is because Elder Kraken will also get an Animated Icon like our MGoliath?