New Forumer!


because she doesn’t know how to make a topic

I’d like to welcome @Valerie to the forums. Val, feel free to comment stuff about you because I don’t know what to put. :joy:


Hello, Im Ian’s best friend and Tate’s girlfriend; I came because they both gossip about this and I wanted to see it. :joy:


Just announce my name to the forums I see how it is. :unamused:

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Picture of me slapping Shunty here


You should most definitely check this out.


Welcome to the forums!

Hopefully you can enjoy the same things we all do here on the Evolve forums.


Welcome! Apparently I’m the resident weaboo, so if you like anime, we’re gonna get along well. If you don’t like it, avoid the random thread. I’ve turned like three people onto it in the past few days with my gifs :smiling_imp:

Anyways, hope you enjoy your stay! You may find this useful.

@Shunty why are you not allowed? :joy: What did you do?


You know, I’ve always wondered… What exactly is a weaboo by deffinition?


Someone associated with having an extreme obsession with anime.


Ok, well, I love anime, but I’m most deffinitely not obssessed.


10 char


Welcome to the forums, we’re glad to have you here!


Well, I’m not obsessed either, but people label me a weab nonetheless, so I just embrace it.


Welcome to the forum @valerie. I hope you enjoy your stay. :smile:


Eh, it’s on your profile anyways haha


Is it really. :joy:

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Welcome to the forums! I see you’ve already gotten the forum info, so I’ll just leave this thread about the game itself.


I don’t like necroing, but I totally didn’t know this existed and hai I’m Tate. It is nice to meet you, new forumer.

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Why are you acting like you don’t know her. She mentioned you in her comment. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, same. I’m a little confused myself.

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