New forum members questions


Well, with the E3 event we’ve seen a lot of new forum members and you guys all have a lot of questions and are making new threads for questions that have been answered before. So rather than making all of these new threads, I will make an FAQ thread. Any questions I miss I will add in when I become aware of them. Hope this thread helps.

  1. Hunter strikes: Whenever a hunter goes down, they acquire 1 strike. For each strike a hunter has, his max health drops by ~25%. At strike 3, instead of being incapped, a hunter will instantly die. When a hunter dies, they have to wait 2 minutes to return on the dropship. Any hunters who die before the dropship returns will be put on that dropship as well meaning they will not have to wait the full 2 minutes. Also, Laz can use his device to revive a teammate either from incap or death who will no longer have the strike they gained by going down, but the hunter will still have any previous strikes.

  2. Monster stealth: All monsters will have a stealth mode where they will crouch down to lower their profile. While stealthing, the monster will not leave footprints, startle birds, or trigger sound spikes. Also while stealthing, a monster can use a pounce attack to pin a hunter who is then mauled unless rescued by a fellow hunter. On a side note, the monster can travel through water to avoid footprints as well.

  3. The confirmed customizations available are weapon skins, monster skins, and perks.

  4. All hunters and monsters have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some abilities which might not seem to be that useful will have their own time and place to shine even if it’s not clear right at the start


Not to be picky, but would you mind separating each point with a paragraph? I’m really OCD with stuff like that lol


Not a problem, hope it looks better now.


Thanks man, and yeah it’s a lot easier to read