New forum category


We really need a skin category in the forums, they keep putting new ones in the store and i have no idea until i see a random thread somewhere
Anyone agree with this?


Well if you have suggestions for a new category I suggest tagging DamJess.


Basically what Rose said.


Good info to know
Whaddya think, i like being suprised when i look in the store and see new stuff, but i keep seeing skins on here randomly and think itd be useful to have its own place, for suggestions posting existing ones, and maybe even fan mockups for consideration


^isnt her name supposed to be orange?


Lol none of that in this thread


What you said. :wink:


No. Devs are the same as everyone. Except where my name has Leader next to it they have Community Manager, Co-Founder, Head o Cupcakes, etc.

…And yes their names are orange.