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Hi All!

to avoid topics like this:

I took it upon myself to create a new topic where if you find any new videos of Gameplay, interviews or Trailers, you can just post the link so all that wants to be up to date can find it. if you wish to discuss about a certain video, feel free to reply and/or respond via “reply as new topic” where specifics and queries can be discussed without interruption/mess. obviously major subjects of new Monsters, Hunters, Game-modes, Maps etc. will have their own topics to discus their respective content, however this thread will show that and random game plays, let splays, reviews, Interviews, etc, as a News service.


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I think it would be interesting to see a ‘found footage’ cinematic revealing the 3rd monster from a civvies point of view, (Shortly before being a tasty treat of course) :smiley:


Good god, did that Kraken player not know he could fly or climb?


Oh gosh, I think Im turning into a evolve gameplay video snob. Some of these videos make me want to poke my eyes out. In that last video I don’t think the Kraken player knew he could fly. Then the kraken had downed all but the trapper, and while still inside the mobile arena he decides its a good moment to evolve while the lone trapper goes around reviving the others. Master play… the hunters were not far behind.


seemed that way! some people don’t deserve to play this -.-



Yup. And guess who’s gonna make an essay-long rant about the game and complain about pretty much everything? Guys like him. I really hope that there will be a proper tutorial on release…


Yeah, I was genuinely shocked that, as incompetent as that Kraken player was, he still nearly won.



I think this topic should also be pinned. What do you guys think @damjess @plaff @SlinkyGuy


I don’t see why not, I’ll do that now



Ngggh… what a terrible dutch accent in his english!!!


Haha if you allready hated his accent you dont want to hear mine :slight_smile:


noticed in the trapper pov video, when kraken evolves and they shoot at it the health is dropping even thought he has armour and the armour takes no damage i think its a glitch prob didint register right away cause when they re engage it shows the correct amount of health