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This is a game I had yesterday against a team of one silver master and three silver elites. My perk was movement speed

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Kraken graduated from Evolve University year ago and became a Senior. Stay Awhile and Listen to his lecture titled: “HOW TO WIN AT STAGE 1”.


These 2 videos are from Trappers perspective from Twitch stream on February 25th, 2016. The first game is somewhat unfortunate because monster DC. We waited till he comes back.

Second game is a proper rematch:

GG all.

@iEcaly @Konou91 @ToiletWraith @10shredder00 Names are in order they appear :slightly_smiling:


And then @iEcaly betrayed my trust and played Slim in a pub game right after >:[

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Ah, the secret to winning with any monster at stage 1 - fight bots :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I thought my caption doodo trickery will be enough to conceal the fact I played against the bots, but boy, I was so wrong :confounded:

February Quickshot games
Vs Nice Little Advantage on Wraith Trap

Vs nDG on Weather Control

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That second match though, they were really denying you food at stage 1. I can only imagine the stress level.

I was getting so pissed off. Rubbish food spawns, constantly on me and two S1 domes…
I just decided to go all in at S2. That stupid map had pissed me off so much I didn’t really care anymore. Thankfully conju ate too many abilities and I was in with a chance when he was down.

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Outstanding glitch :slight_smile:


Love that rock throw save so much and how Jack just looks behind thinking he was gonna die then I’m like “ILL SAVE YOU BUDDY”

I love evolve because of games like these. I was fighting a team of silver elites and masters

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Can bugs get any weirder?

Heh, bug. Cuz Slim is a bug, and you sho- I’ll stop.



Kraken getting bullied :scream: :

Two hours of competitive games versus one of the best Goliath players from Japan:

Other videos with competitive asian Evolve can be found here (mostly from support’s PoV):

Goliath doesn’t know when to stop :wink: /glitch