New Female Assault Idea


Hey guys i just thought of female assault who can have cool weapons. You guys can decide her ethnicity, height, and her background story but anyways.

Her Primary
Seismic Cannon: It shoots out a giant circular shock wave that causes the Monster’s (player) screen to blur just a bit making it hard for the player to see.

Her Secondary
Gravid Hammer: This hammer can penetrate through the monsters armor. Example: if the monster has armor this hammer will immediately aim for the health making is so that the armor is pretty much useless for the monster. Since this hammer can deal damage to the monsters health even when it has armor, The hammer will obviously have to be balanced with things such as having to be in close combat and having a slow swing rate.

Grenades: Boomerang Grenades: Pretty much follows the monster, but it can be easily avoided.

Personal Shield: which all assault classes have

It would also be cool if one her arms were bionic or at least have cybernetic implants for the purpose of the hammer.


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Also…boomerang grenades? That’s awesome! my hands probably deadly-to-myself awesome haha!