New female assault idea. Markovs sister


I think it would be cool if we had a new character that was related to another character. her name would be Alexia. she would be Markovs younger sister. she is blonde tall and muscular. similar to how brienne of tarth from game of thrones looks. she would have similar looking assault gear as markov except no eye patch and instead of bulky armor like markov hers is more lean and fit to her.

Primary weapon: grenade launcher/mine launcher- this weapon would take up two spots just like cairas gun, since it has two modes. the first mode would be a grenade launcher that fires a grenade that explodes on impact. the second mode would fire a mine that sticks to any surface including walls and ceilings. both modes do the same damage and both have six rounds per clip. you can switch in between modes similarly to how caira switches between her grenades. her grenade launcher doesn’t look exactly like cairas however, instead it will resemble the war machine from call of duty and it will have two magazines on either side of the gun which you will be able to switch between by moving one to the bottom of the gun in order to fire that type of ammunition.

Secondary weapon: a three round burst assault rife that has a scope. to access the scope you will have to click the right joy stick while aiming. the scope is attached to the side of the gun and when activated, alexia moves it on top of the gun to see through. to move it back to the side of the gun you will have to aim through it again and press the right joy stick again. this is so that you can aim at the monster from afar through the scope and then aim at the monster through the regular scope up close. it has 36 rounds per clip.


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