New Evolve Website


The Evolve website’s been updated recently. It lets you get a description of the hunters/monsters revealed so far and there a couple of new screenshots with each one. There’s a few background stories as well, including that Griffin is a veteran trapper and the Lazarus device is illegal


The site was a labor of love by a lot of Turtle Rock team members along with 2K and our friends at Team One. We hope you all enjoy what we have in store for the site.


It looks great, loving how each hunter/monster has their own little summary


Totally - descriptions, loadouts, pictures too. Great way for everyone to get to know the characters ahead of time!


Hm, it´s kinda slow for me (50Mbit VDSL here, Telekom => Germany).


If you see anything odd with the site or are getting slow speeds with certain pages/content, feel free to leave notes here and I will be sure to let the Web Team know.


Finally , have been waiting for a little insight on all the characters in this game.


Hmm im unable to navigate the site in Firefox and chrome. Its better in IE but there is only a black page on the home page. :


Hmmm. It looks to be working on all browsers for us. If it keeps reoccurring I would suggest to clean your cache and try again. If it keeps happening after that I’d like to know the browser version you are using (PM if you want) and a screengrab or two, so I can let the team know.