New Evolve Tournament


##I’m just gonna leave these here.

##Full details to follow, we’ll have everything outlined during the BattleFY tournament.
If you have questions, be sure to follow and watch and

And yes, this tournament will take place on ALL consoles (yes P.C. is a console).

Evolve gone from ESL Play?

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is there a link to this? battlefy wont let me search for it.


When the link is made:


So is this some kind of serious tournament thing? No restrictions on how many high level players can sign up per team? Separate from the community tournament?


Super serious. More serious than a cat that hasn’t slept in over a day and suddenly there’s an open fire pumping out ten thousand kelvin degrees of heat with the comfiest cardboard box ever right next to it, ready to go.


Hoooolly fuck.
I need a team though, don’t I? I couldn’t just join as a solo monster?


You would need a team. Start asking around.
A dedicated thread for finding people to form a team for this new tournament might be an idea


there will be no restrictions on players per team.

Where are the tournaments?

Man, and I thought I can spoil it with this :frowning:

I need more input!


moar will come :slightly_smiling:
Just stay tuned and i’ll give you what i can.
Feel free to take any of the images above :slightly_smiling:


what are the rules?


Good things coming for those looking for a pro-scene comp that keeps things fresh. Big thanks to TRS for their help and guidance on this.


I know I haven’t been on these forums for a long time, but I wanna join this tournament! (Do people remember me at all? :stuck_out_tongue: )

I don’t have a team…do I need one to join? Also, is the tournament page up yet?!?


too much information


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So is it tgl FINALLY on ps4, or different?


Different. We are not TGL.


Hey, ill take it.


please tell me those are the skins I’m thinking of…


Those don’t look like skins I’ve ever seen. @Noodles What skins?

I like them, I must know. It may be worth dealing with my bitchy PC to get them.