New "Evolve Reunited" Discord


Creating a community to attempt to play legacy again. It’s been around for just about 48 hours, and we’ve already got 35 people involved. This is just a group of enthusiasts attempting to enjoy the game once more among friends.

The invite link is permanent, so if anyone wishes to join they simply have to click the link. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer.

Also, all platforms welcome. No “Master Race” business. We’ve got PS4, XB1, and PC players alike.

Edit: As of now, we’re at 42 people and growing

We also made a Steam group to make getting into games (and adding each other as friends) much easier on PC

Edit 2: we’re up to 67 people and a bot to moderate things a bit

Edit 3: 104 people + 1 bot, and games are starting to be found and requested a bit more often.

Edit 4: We’re at close to 180 (179 I think?) and this morning we had two full lobbies of players going at the same time. I’m pretty happy about that :]

Edit 5: 285 and two bots now. I’m not sure why the link is refusing to update, or if it’s just refusing to update for me… but I’ll do what I can to keep it current. Also, we’re getting multiple games per day and up to 5 different lobbies a day now.


As much as I support anything Evolve, I’ll ask this with no negativity. How many people in your discord/chat ‘will’ log on and play Evolve?

I ask because there’s an Evolve chatroom on Steam with over 500+ members, and Id say about 15-20 people of those 500 will actually play the game. Some more regular then others.

I literally try to form a lobby of 5 or 6 every night with no luck at all. But if you can seriously find people who want to play hit me up because nobosy else does.


We have different roles for availability. Depending on availability, you can ask for people to play with. Also there are special roles for pc / ps4 / xbox1 that you can @ to ping everyone who opts in if they want to play. Currently as everything has been setup, I think we’ve had a group come up once so far. Not overly terrible since it’s a holiday currently, and we just finally got a bot setup to automate a large portion of things.

If I were you, I would try joining the server, and if you don’t like it you can leave. there’s not much to lose by trying. @ScornfulEpex I tried to edit my message to include the rest 20 minutes ago and for some reason it just refused to lemme edit until now.


in all fairness. … as someone that has joined and left that group a few times…

Its Toxic as hell. Most people just silence it because of the behaviour of the loud minority.

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Completely agree.


So to slightly bump the visibility, and maybe encourage some people to join in, I figured an update is in order.

Full disclosure, our console players have only found maybe one match so far.

With that out of the way, we have between 3 and 5 successful lobbies per day with at least one if not multiple games being played in those lobbies for the PC players.

We’re giving the console players the same level of support that the PC players are getting, we just currently don’t have enough console players to match… hopefully that will change.

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I hate to be boldly honest. Nobody plays Evolve Legacy anymore. We have an “Evolve chatroom” with over 530 members. 98% of all members have chat messages blocked and are in there for no reason. If you get really lucky you might and thats a big might find 5 people that will play once or a twice a week to play. Let’s face it anything Evolve-related is over.

If anyone in here says they get any or full lobbies regularly are lying.


…you are basing that on the Steam chat? That chatroom is not moderated at all. I’ve opened it several times, and I’ve found rows of NSFW content, hostile comments, and people being outright bullied out of the chat. I have (and occasionally still) directed people to that chat room to help keep Legacy alive, but I feel horribly ashamed for it.

This “Evolve Reunited” Discord server at least has some decent rules established, and active moderators, so I hope you don’t mind me being a bit more optimistic about its future activity. So yeah, let’s not get all doom and gloom about Evolve, just because the steam chatroom wasn’t a smash hit. :wink:


From now on, instead of directing them to that steam group, you should direct them to us. You won’t have to feel ashamed for it anymore. :grin:


Also, as for you Mister “Boldly Honest”

That’s the second group I’ve personally witnessed playing together today because of our discord so I’d appreciate it if you kept your quaint theory to yourself from now on. (picture requires you to zoom in to see the whole thing)

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Congrats, so impressive.


Well you said it was impossible, so I guess it is impressive innit?


Let’s keep it chill in here, please. The Discord server is a lovely idea, whether it’s helping five or 50 people to enjoy a game they all love and maintain some experience of what made Evolve for them. It’s not hurting anything by being around.