New Evolve Gameplay


Got some brand new gameplay from E3 (with HUD), enjoy!


It says this video is private


You might have to search for it on youtube then. Search for:
“chris hardwick is a monster to team nerdist - evolve”


Oh wait, I’ve just been blocked out of it myself. Don’t know what’s happening

(Edit: added a new link, it should work from there)


Thanks for finding this


Nice find! thanks for posting it.


Loading it up right now (I live in a rural area with terrible internet so even at 480p or higher it takes a good amount of time to load in the whole video, damn 1.5 mbps connection).

Will edit with impressions after watching but thanks for finding this Plaff. Since E3 hasn’t started yet, I wasn’t really on the lookout for anything.


It’s loads of different clips, but my favourite bit is probably Goliath’s death animation


Does anyone know what the “Friendly Birds” perk is at about 1:50? @MacMan @SlabOMeat @DamJess


I’m guessing the birds will give some short od sign when the hunters are very close to you (as monster) or they will give out the hunters locations.


I was thinking they wouldn’t get startled when the monster runs past


Or they can do that to :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok so I watched it, looks pretty damn good. I really like the look of the Goliath from the hunter’s point of view, he looks super intimidating.

On a side note, I hate this video player. I hope it goes up on Youtube.


Love that Hyde’s flamethrower uses an arc of electricity to ignite the fuel


The video was good and Evolve looks better and better ^^

I notice that the monster has 5 health bar at stage 1 and 7 bars at Stage 2 and 9 bars at Stage 3.

and allot of informations for differents kinds of things like how far your team mates are and the monster scared the birds etc.


My only worry now is that I’ll turn into the woman in the video and start getting angry at people not communicating properly


If you have not been angry on other games for reasons that your team mates are not communicating then i think you wont be like her.


If things are going very badly and nobody is playing as a team, this kind of thing tends to happen. Been playing Payday 2 quite a bit again lately and when things go to hell, everyone can get a bit upset.

Hopefully people will realize that this is half coop, half competitive though, your team failing isn’t necessarily because people are bad, it’s just the monster player might be very good.


I only meant it jokingly. I rarely get angry, so that’s all good for me. Most of the people I’ll be playing evolve with will be from the forums anyways, so they should know what they need to do


I like the quality of the video player, it looks as if it’s 60fps, or maybe even is!