New evolve clothing in store


Evolve just tweeted this, so i thought I should pass on the knowledge

Feel free to close/merge if the topic exists already


I really really really want that hat and hoodie.

Really want them.


I’m kinda disappointed we cant buy sweet hoodies we’ve seen people wearing yet though. But these will help ease the pain


Which hoodies do you mean?


Crapbaskets, got confused and forgot that they were one the main 2k store, but in my defence it is 2:42 am here and i need to go to sleep
I was thinking of this one


Ahhh, well you can get that one! :smiley:


I like the Statues on there…

I want a Life-size Goliath Statue for my front yard! That roars!

That will keep those damn cats away…


I want a life sized sexy wraith statue for you know what


I second this motion…


I need it! :smile:


I’m still waiting for behemoth plushies!


I want Cabot’s planet tamer bomber jacket :))


I have a nice Bomber Jacket :blush: it looks like Leons from RE4 (Ill find a pic for you :wink:)


I couldnt pull the pic but heres the link:

I didnt pay 1300$ :laughing: I got it for 350$ :blush:


This is cool.

I gotta get one of those Planet tamer shirts.


I second this motion. That jacket is sweet.

And it looks so nice and warm.


does it come in purple?


@Shin probably hopes so. He loves purple.