New Evolve cinematic trailers for new tiers?


I wish there was cinematic trailer of each tier similar to ‘the stalker’ (tier 3 hunters and monster) video and the one that runs on game launching (tier 1 hunters and monster). There are however trailers for behemoth and gorgon but they are not cinematic and far from the idea presented in two mentioned videos. How about you? Would you like to see cinamtic trailer for each tier?


I want this to happen but I’m afraid they’re focusing alot on the gameplay balancing and many other things.

Maybe in the future they may make a couple of awesome trailers that would be amazing.


They’ve said that it’s a significant amount of work and money that is put into making those cinematics when time can be better spent on bug fixes and new content.

Doesn’t mean I’m not for the idea. I love the trailers.


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