New Evo Armor Meta (Armor regen perk?)


On November 3rd all monsters that evolve will have evo armor somewhere around 2 to 3 bars or 20% of their armor pool.
What if instead of making this the base for all monsters, we try looking at perks that might need a buff in some areas, or monster perks that are rarely chosen by monsters.

#Option 1
What if the perk Armor Regen granted monsters with this evo armor buff.
The reason I think this is because it will be a good way to breathe life into a new buff and also will help keep the game balanced by not changing the meta so dramatically.
#Option 2
If we do decide to keep this evo armor monster buff for all the monsters, what if the armor regen perk Increased the amount of evo armor you had when evolving.

#Option 3
What if the armor regen perk, increased the base amount of armor of the monster. So instead of 4 bars at stage one, with the armor regen perk, you would have a 20% larger max armor pool.

I think any one of these Options is a good way to bring life into this perk that is never chosen, according to my community perk research I did a while back

(Click here to see Perk Statistics poll)

So I want to hear from you guys…

#Which option would be the most reasonable and if you have a tweak on any of them, comment your suggestion below. :thumbsup:


Nah, we finally have Evolve armor. Let us have this victory.



Evo armor is a huge cop out. Good monsters win without being handed bones. :wink:


I think you forget. Myself like many others are PC players. We can destroy pub Hunters no problem Stage 1 no armor because of how uncoordinated they are.

Throw a premade our way and suddenly we are the stealthiest batch of Monsters you’ve ever seen and if we’re caught before S2 then we’re basically doomed. This solves the “Hold The Dome” meta to an extent.


Doesn’t this as well :arrow_down:

If this is your huge problem on your evolve, then you should chose a perk that helps you with that. They’re monsters out there that don’t have trouble with getting caught at stage one. having a perk allows monsters to weigh their options without it being handed to them.

Is your feeding speed more important than your evo armor… let them decide…


I like the idea of armor perk granting more armor on evolve, but that alone doesnt seem enough unless its like 60% armor.
I’d rather it grant 30% armor on evolve but also regen armor still at plus 100% speed.


Forcing you to take a nigh on useless buff that may not even be of assistance since you’d be giving up something much more important just for the chance to get armor on an Evolve that may not even happen.

It’s a bad idea, hence why they’re doing it the way they want.

Forcing people to take a buff that has one job that makes it useful that may not even have the chance to fulfill that job is bad design. Especially when some Monsters basically are forced to take other perks like Wraith and movement speed.

People should be able to take what they prefer and best compliments their playstyle. No one should be forced to take a basically useless perk just because it offers Evolve armor.


I believe it serves not one job but 3 plus the perk wouldn’t be so useless if it is buffed in this way.

first the buffed AR perk would give you not only evo armor,
but also less wildlife to feed on while on the chase.
It’ll give you kitting benefits at stage one and two, even three.

Its not forcing you to do anything. If you, just using you for example, play as wraith, with movement speed, and still need evo armor to play decent… what do you think this will do to the actual good monsters out there.

The goal is to take that useless perk and make it just as good as movement speed. There shouldn’t even be a such thing as a useless perk in this game. The point is to balance not only the meta, but everything in evolve.

And if giving Armor regen this buff allows the perk to stand on equal ground with the other popular perks… I think that would make evolve more interesting to play and watch.


It’s useless because the perk only works out of combat and is very ineffective. Simply making it the new MS isn’t going to fix it. Some people like damage bonus, some people like MS, others like damage resistance, some like climb speed, some like armor regen.

This isn’t the way to make it more viable in the meta. As I said:

Question, I’m assuming your a Hunter player because you don’t understand how it is to finally get something we’ve needed since launch.


You’re right I’m a hunter player. I’ve played tons of good monsters in ESL and battle fly.

But ok we might have two different goals here.
My goal is to make all the perks equally viable. Finding a perfect solution to the armor regen perk for this upcoming patch.

What is your goal? What is the reason for having evo armor, movement speed, faster evolves, and 5 to 3 deployables on hunters with the wraith, most elusive, high armor, burst damaging monster?
How many bones must monsters be thrown before they figure out that it takes time to be good at monster.

Evolve wasn’t meant to just be picked up by anybody and just start going to town on everybody online.


First off:
The Evolve Armor has been sorely needed for a long time now. It’s not enough to fight with, but enough to guard your permanent life briefly from things like mammoth birds or ranged anti-feed (looking at you Cabot and Hank). If you have hunters doming as you emerge from the cocoon, that 20% armor is not going to last very long - but it will reduce the hold-the-dome penalty, which is the whole point.

I am not opposed to giving the Armor Regen perk more utility to make it a viable choice - the trick is to do so without making it overpowered. However making Evolve Armor contingent on taking that perk is not even an option worth considering, so let’s set your Option 1 aside.

Your Option 2 suggests making Armor Regen increase the amount of Evolve Armor granted - I am assuming that you mean for this to be in addition to the existing regen-over-time bonus, because otherwise it is not worth considering. The bonus Evolve Armor would be a niche bonus granted either twice (stage 2 and 3) or three times if you include start-of match - so to be worthwhile the bonus would need to be significant. 50% armor would be a reasonable starting point - and it would force Hunters to realize their freshly evolved prey might ACTUALLY be ready to jump back at them instead of auto-running in that first dome. I could get behind this change.

Your Option 3 suggests increasing base armor in its entirety, which is… a LITTLE different from the existing Damage Resistance perk. I see where you can get this, and it COULD help Monsters engage with a larger buffer to begin with for their fights… however beware such a perk getting wildly out of control, such as all the bonus armor on a Behemoth. I’d avoid this idea without a LOT more consideration.

My thought would be to make Armor Regen provide some sort of perk when Armor is fully broken (at which point it is needed the most). Consider something like this: In addition to the existing armor regen boost, if a monster with Armor Regen has their armor fully removed, it quickly regains back SOME armor (~2 bars? 10%?) from the regen - however the monster must feed - not just regen - to at least half armor and leave combat before this effect can trigger again. This would give the Monster a once-per-combat armor boost that FEELS like Regen, right when it’s needed most. At this point the Monster either continues to engage or has the opportunity to flee before their permanent life really starts getting hit.



Well, Monster players are handed bones less frequently than Hunters, as the buffing of a single one benefits everyone on the team. Also, tell me having a jetpack-booster, reviving dead players, countless weak spots, cloaking, flying, and insta-domes with two (minimum) forms of CC and area denial, plus high damage output and a shield generator isn’t a little bit of a bone as much as moving fast and starting with a bit more armor.

If you’re audacious enough to say that’s entirely balanced, then you, sir, need to rethink your perspective. This is a long-awaited blessing for Monster mains, as before, catching a Monster right after evolve almost meant a guaranteed win. Well, for anyone with enough skill to play online.

Well, that’s kind of what Hunters do. People play Hunters more because it’s easier and more powerful. This balances the scales. Some.


The only way I’d see your option 1 ever being taken by monster players is if it gave 80-100% full armor after evolve.

Though, I agree, armor regen perk is pretty much useless.

Would be nice if, instead, it gave a flat out armor buff, such as 3-4 armor bars.


No offence, but that explains why you don’t like armor on the Evolve.

Making all perks equally viable is an amazing goal. This however, is not a perfect solution to armor regen. This would make it the only chosen perk. Armor on the Evolve would be too valuable when compared to other perks, and that simply isn’t fair to force them to pick that perk over another.

I feel you’d have to play both sides to understand what I’m saying here.

And now I can no longer keep this discussion with you. Clearly you are a pub Hunter, no offense to you but we are, have, and always will be in a Hunter favored meta because of the ideas like this. Monsters are at a severe disadvantage and this is something to give us a chance.

Mind you, what exactly are the bones being thrown to us huh? What exactly are we getting other than senseless changes to our Monsters? Our already limited roster is constantly changed meanwhile Hunters are getting buffs left and right and very little nerfs. Monsters get buffs too but nothing near as severe as Hunters.

#Perfect Summarization by @TrickshotMcgee


Well, since hunters are constantly thrown steaks and cakes, we’ll take bones when we get them.


I love you for this :heart_eyes:


I like the idea of perk selection having a lot of equally valid choices, so I agree with you there. However even if there are a lot of GOOD choices, people will ultimately settle on the ones they feel are ‘best’. It may be there is no way to make Armor Regen a ‘best’ option that people will take without overpowering it - however I agree that we can at least make it more competitive in the list than it is now.

Conversely, what is the reason for Hunters to be able to climb walls without jetpack fuel, or to recover near-instantly from being knocked back and focused without needing teammate support to escape? How many new types of varied, monster-countering kits must Hunter players be given to mix-and-match against the four existing monsters until they have enough types of shield/slow/stasis/dodge/block/zone/CC? Were insta-domes necessary? And did stage 1 monsters need LESS armor, or Stage 3 monsters need to do LESS damage with their regular attacks? Etc.

Obviously the above is hyperbole meant to match/parallel your quoted paragraph, and not to be taken TOO seriously other than to say that right now it feels Hunters have gotten the better end of the stick in terms of new patches and content. Every new Hunter released has had some new and exciting way to negate and outplay the existing Monsters - especially when they combine to shore up the weaknesses and tradeoffs in other, prior hunters (Read: Jack to block for Laz, Sunny to help Medics escape and Trappers chase, etc.) It gets to the point where pre-made, coordinated teams able to play their characters to the fullest will routinely leave no options or openings for even a competent a Monster player to counter them. Right now Monsters have to rely on all the stupid mistakes that pubs make - being out of position, breaking line of sight, chasing directly instead of predicting/cutting, etc - to open viable means to attack and trade life for strikes - because the devs want Monsters to require “several engagements” to get enough strikes to down a team.

The Pub vs Competitive player question is a longstanding one. Evolve DOES have significant learning curve, but you need to be careful not to drive away the new players needed to shore up the playerbase. This is not an easy problem to solve, but I don’t think you solve it by simply declaring “We dont care about noobs, learn the game (git gud) or get out”.

Balance is hard. We can acknowledge that much at least. But right now the consensus I’ve seen and felt is that Hunters had gotten the better end of the deal for a while now. Evolve Armor is one step to help tip that needle back to ‘balanced’.

I’ll get off my soapbox now, and reiterate that I wouldn’t mind seeing a better option to boost Armor Regen and make it viable as a choice - see my above post for another idea I had on that.


Take all my likes.


It’s about damn time.


Armor regen - 75% increased armor gain
-includes armor over time, evolve armor, and food armor