New environmental hazard/multiplier discovered


With all the new maps and content being shown off it was only a matter of time until they let something slip. Orbital Drill has the acid pools as we all know but listen carefully to the video at 11:12 , during a big fight with Goliath, clearly mentioned is Cabbage damage

Living plant wildlife? Unannounced weapon or side effect? Are the monsters hurt by vegetables? The theories are endless.


Nice spot but we already knew this from when IGN first did the map coverage. Caira is awesome tho : D


I wonder what it means? Maybe those big orb things that are only in the acid biome.


I know they talked about squash and I think something about eggplant (not as sure about that one) but I didn’t hear anything about cabbage in the IGN reveal.


Maybe the man eating plant? Cabbage Damage sort of rolls off the tongue. So it might just talk about dangerous vegetation?


I think he meant Cabot damage, since his weapon fires the damage multiplier, yes?


Yup, I didn’t even pay attention to the video, it was clearly meant to be Cabot’s Damage Amp.


He DID say Cabbage though…lol. :smile:


Probably a slip. Just like him trying to say Orbital earlier :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t believe I didn’t think of that! I must have cabbage on the brain.



Better be a cabbage Easter egg on the drop ship!


My bad I though you where refering to the Acid in which IGN talked about my bad! : D



Yea I saw. What does that have to do with the 4th DLC Cabbage monster?


It’s a mystery.