New Emotes

It’s been awhile, and I’ve heard a lot of talk about them making these, but still I have yet to see them…

Where are the T4 Emotes? I want to be able to do :slim: or :behemoth: or :Gobi:, but I can’t and it sucks. :sob:

And then, when T5 comes out, it’s gonna take forever too, and that is even worse because we aren’t even fully done with T5.

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And a sentry gun emote!! :cry:


I haven’t had any time to make T5.

But T4 is done and sent, just needs implementation,however I’m not sure who handles that and what other pressing matters they have.

But included was T4, Gobi, andand Bog Goliath.

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Wait, you’re the guy that makes the emotes?

Anybody can volunteer I think, DamJess is the one that adds them to the forum.

They seem to work fine for me.
:slim: :ant:
:behemoth: :snail:
:gobi: :penguin:
:goliath_exclusive: :monkey:
:kraken_exclusive: :octopus:
:wraith_exclusive: :ghost:

You probably got your permission settings set up incorrect or something.

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Could you please do Cosmic Goliath? :wink:

Yes please! In fact, I’d be willing to make them if they added them!

Just the “cute” emoji.

Sure. I just need free time to do so…

I can send my AI files if someone wants to play around and make their own.

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I make the ones like :goliath_roar: :kraken_stare: :bucket: :maggie_2: :daisy: , TheMountainThatRoars makes the radical cute ones like :caira_cute: :bucket_cute: :abe_cute: and DamJess makes the ones like :bucket_salute: :maggie: :hank:

I actually have all the t4 and released t5 resources ready to go. I’ll try to set up and polish whatever is left for the weekend.


Show off…


more like I’m a lazy bum :laughing: it’s been on my list of things to finish for like…ages. I just am easily distracted.

Oh! shiny! :sunny:


I didn’t know this!!! You guys are awesome! :bucket_cute:

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