New Elite Striders

That’s one hell of a combo to be using on a strider


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My Goliath will pull a Sonic and chase 'em down, rock and roll baby.

You can imagine Goliath pulling some wile.e coyote shenanigans trying to get the great white strider

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Oh my GOD I loved that cartoon. :joy: Best mental image ever!

Now I wish there were intractable environmental objects, like rock slides or blowing up vehicles. Wait for the hunters to come by and push a big log down on top of them.

Imagine running into 3-4 mammoth birds while you have 4 bars of health left, and all of them have faster recharging shocks.

Oh my sweet god yes. And imagine layering the ground of a choke point in sticky stuff to hold them in place for an ambush. :joy:

The horrorrr

Imagine it when you play as the hunters.

I don’t do hunters ^.^

Damn it, this thread has now made Evolve a little less cool for me because I can’t pick up an ATV and hurl it at Griffin.

Aww…Now I wish Monsters could throw stuff…


I used to love watching Roadrunner when I was little. Best thing ever.

You lie. 10 roses

What’s with this ten roses thing?

Ten roses.

Ask @Rapterror. He told me that was the replacement to 10 chars.

-picks up a megamouth and tosses it across the thread-

Could you imagine Goliath throwing a flowe……

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Grabs it one handed and gives the death stare.

Who. Threw. That.

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I don’t get it.