New Elite Striders


According to MacMan, they’re making the albino strider run at 9 meters per second, not 6.5.

Have fun catching these things.


Gotta go fast.


Fire Breath, Abduction, Rock Wall, Vortex.
Lets see em outrun that ^.^


I will have fun. They can run, but I will eat them.


They will.


Fixed :sunglasses:


Did someone say fast?


Oh gad not sanic ;-;


Wait, whered you get this info?
My allseeing eye is failing me ;-;


The poll MacMan made about wildlife buffs.


Be a doll and link it to me, pls, I’m so laaazy


So they went for harder Elite in the next patch, didn’t they? Well, it shoiuld be fun.
I hope people are happy that monsters are easier to kill…Easy makes people happy, doesn’t it


Find it yourself you sexist pig.

I’m kidding, give me a moment.


Here. <Bbbbbbbbbb


Just realized that theyre basically making the elite wildlife take on the traits of their buff. Thats pretty clever if thats what they were going for. Or im crazy.
Coin toss.


So I can see Albino Spotters getting a larger detection radius, Albino Tyrants regenerating health, Albino Sloths doing more damage, Albino Blitzers getting a longer pounce, Albino Steamadons…Having their steam slow you? I don’t know.


Albino blitzers=Longer pounce range, Reavers taking a couple of melees to kill, Nomads attacking twice as fast (The horror), albino mammoth birds…thats too scary to even think about ;-;
I can’t thing of any more albinos ^(._.)^





Chillax bruhhhh