New Elite Skins?


I’ve heard there are now the elite skins for monsters at level 20 and primal skins at 40? Does anyone have a picture of these skins at lvl 40? Also, do hunters get different elite skins too like monster primal skins?

Also are they primal, or prime skins?


I don’t have any pics but you are correct, also the hunters get a skin for the body at 40 and the classic elite weapon skins at 20.


I’m at level 29 with wraith and didnt get any skin so far


It might be higher, the devs are looking into this.



They’re called PRIMAL or PRIME skins now I guess


Is that all you needed?


To be honest the Elite ALBINO old skins were my favorite. I spent a lot of hours in DEFEND mode to get them :D. I want them back badly. Has anybody any news if they are still in the game? I miss my white wraith, goliath and kraken


Yes, they are just in the new progression system for each character so you will need to unlock them now.

I’ve heard that they unlock at level 35, and the new elite/prime skins at level 40


Ok thx a lot. Guess I’m going into Goliath 24/7 mode :D.


Yea thank you.


Does anyone know if the old Big Alpha elite skins managed to make it in at some point?


I don’t think so.


You’ll unlock the old elite skin at level 35 and the prime skin at level 40

If you want a sneak peak of the prime skin ingame, you can see it here: