New Elder Scrolls Location?


I’m guessing everyone who’s played an elder scrolls game is excited for whatever Bethesda will release at E3, be it Elsweyr or Black Marsh or anywhere in Tamriel. But most speculation seems to be headed at Valenwood. I’m just curious as to what you guys think will be the next location! But hey, who knows, maybe they will release a Skyrim remaster…

Also, this video goes into Valenwood a bit better

  • Valenwood
  • Hammerfell
  • Cyrodil
  • Summerset Isles
  • Elsweyr
  • Black Marsh
  • High Rock

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Has it been confirmed that they’re releasing something at the E3?


They have a press conference set up, and a livestream, everyone’s really hyped now for something to do with Elder Scrolls


Let’s just keep our expectations low, so we won’t be disappointed if there is nothing, and be all the more surprised if there is something of worth


I’m trying but I’ve been waiting for this since skyrim


Placing odds at

85% Skyrim Remastered
15% Nothing


I’m hoping they sell a remastered with the dlcs, but if its £50 ill never forgive them


they said mod support on consoles for skyrim remaster from the leaks


That would be so good, they’ve seen how good a response they got from fallout mods


Assuming that this is legitimate, they could just not announce it at E3. That said, I’m really hoping they do.


Black Marsh, baby, let’s go.


also all leaks are saying all dlc included


I heard rumors yesterday for an hd remake of Skyrim with mod support. I don’t think they will have a new Elder Scrolls this year.

Edit: I’m late. Lol


I’d love a remake with mods and hd, this would make me so happy, but I’ll be upset if they sell it for £50…


I’m a little intrigued by it bit I definitely don’t want to pay full price. I’m already still a little upset by the quality of Fallout 4.


Agreed, F4 I thought was good, but it lacked an interesting story, they never built anything up, sure the twist was good, but that’s it. AI isn’t that great either, avoiding enemies is easy


My problem was it felt like it had a lack of content amd things to do. Decisions didn’t seem to matter either.

The world was beautiful and looked great on a design standpoint but everything was unbelievably broken. I have never played such a buggy game.

And it angers me almost that people gave that a huge pass because they are Bethesda. If anything we should hold them to a higher standard because of it. I physically couldn’t play the game at launch due to bugs and glitches. No company should get a pass for that sort of low quality.

At release I would give Fallout 4 a 4/10. As it stands now with dlc and patch improvements it gets a 7 and it’s a low 7 at that. I sort of want to give it a 6.


Now now, lets not ignore the whole “stealing mods from modders” thing that is going on


Oh yeah, I saw that only yesterday, I downloaded a mod and the guy had a message inside saying how people are stealing his content, stuff he worked ages on, they need to sort that out fast


I’m hoping for Valenwood/Elsweyr. Based on the maps together they are about the same size as Skyrim. They bother are in thalmore territory too so, it could make sense story wise if they get merged into one Provence.