New dropship dialogues


i’m suggesting to add new dialogues in the dropship, expecially to explain variations.
it would be great a dialogue between Abe and Rabe to explain it, but also towards other variation, for example between RVal and Hyde about the poison in the bullets of RVals ( i know it’s a stupid example but i wanted to explain better what i’m talkin about).


That’s something that could be fun down the line. Especially between

The only issue then becomes that a lot of the voice actors don’t live near TRS, and they don’t come free :wink:


Yeah, it would take some time and money but they are certainly doable. Not even mentioning coming up with a good explanations of what is going on.


yeah i’d like an explanation too if the new dialogues are not doable at the moment.


Also new animation


to me animation is not as important as the lore, or at least i want to know what’s going on with this adaptations.


Well, because… Science.


The adaptations regard, for the most part, the passing of time. Maggie’s gone full rambo, Markov’s refined his equipment, and Griffin has somehow aquired a working version of one of his movie armors (probably made by Jack). QCaira had a trailer explaining some Wraith shit went down, and Abe is just…pissed. Abe is pissed, and signed up for assault position. So it’s either character development, gear modification, or both.

The monsters are actual, genuine adaptational subspecies though, best I can tell.


yeah i can understand the passing of time concept, but then u shouldn’t be able to play both abe together


i will voice all the characters and free I m professional voice actor in my country,just type what you want me to say.I will make you test sample straight away. You can remember me from batman,I voiced every male in batman


Game limitations. If you’re playing with friends who all care about Evolve’s atmosphere and world, do not double the Abes. Terrible things will happen to you.


It sounds over the top, but what if the Monsters are being sent by humans from another dimension/universe to take over the resources in this one? And Renegade Abe is actually the Abe from that world who became a rebel and is fighting the government there, maybe the top of our universe’s CIG9 is colluded with these other humans.

Or maybe instead of humans from another dimension it is an invasive resource-hungry alien race with interdimensional travel technology that conquered humanity in another universe and oppresses or rules over humans, that could explain them using the monsters as some sort of “planet cleaners” and they are sending them to this one now after conquering Renegade Abe’s dimension and he managed to steal or somehow have access to such technology and came here to fight the invasion before it’s too late. Maybe adding some overtly angry and hateful lines to Renegade Abe would make it seem like he literally went berserk after the monsters conquered his world.

A possible involvement of CIG9 in this conspiracy (kinda like how Black Mesa’s director became the overseer of the Combine regime in HL2) could also explain Rogue Val as Val quitting CIG9 after discovering what’s going on.

All this would actually help to explain the eggs being some sort of interdimensional travel vessels.


I mean, Wraith biologically can warp dimensions. Many of the monsters can - it seems to be the main reveal from Kala’s story dump. Frankly, I object to your fan fiction however well worded. I love the adaptations as pieces of character development in this crazy world. Wasteland Maggie or Renegabe really do show a sense of being steeled by Shear. Renegabe is just, poorly implemented, I suppose.