New Dropship Dialogue

Interesting finally get some native Shearians. Or is it the Shearish? Shearicans?

Eventually we may see someone who was born on Shear, yes.


Remember, Evacuation only has two outcomes. And in both of them, the colony collapses. The best the Hunters can do is get everyone to safety. They cannot save Shear.


Evolve 2: Revenge of the Hunters. It’s time to take back what’s ours!


I only recently realised that Evacuation is really a Suicide mission, where they heroically give some time to the colonists to escape…

Especially in one dialogue during Defend mode with Val apologizing to Maggie because we have to stay here at the end…

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I need to ask, and this might be a stupid question, but is every time a non-shielded hunter get hit by a rock throw or otherwise get knocked around without getting all their internal organs crushed cannon? Do they have some kind of inertia canceling device on them that shields their organs? In games like resident evil, only the cutscenes are cannon. Characters can be bit during regular gameplay, and only loose a bit of health, but if it’s during a cutscene, they are fucked.

I wonder, because in the ending cinematic if the hunters win, they still get overrun by monsters, which can be a problem if they can only be squashed once.

They’re just tough, man. They’re heroes. You and I have internal organs, they have hit points. :smiley:


… actually they’re saved at the very last second by the Tier 4, 5 and 6 hunters !..


You. You’re in with them, aren’t you?

Does that mean Markov’s first name(Aleksey, as you agreed) will be mentioned? :smiley:

Daisy? :stuck_out_tongue:

In all the ending Cut scenes it appears that the hunters are overwhelmed doesn’t matter who wins. not sure if anyone has questioned this, but i would like to know :v i’m looking at you matthew.

Okay, Now I want dialogue I rescue mode where one of the hunters says.

“Oh, Hi Bob. Been a while.”


Shouldn’t Maggie be saying that to Behemoth? Just a thought :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, shear survivors sound awesome! What a genius way to even make the DLC work with the already in place cutscenes. Genius!

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Some funny new dialogue.
Maggie asks Hank if he’s cooking tonight again, to which he says yes. She asks to please make sure it is dead this time, and he says, “You didn’t like the grilled canyon eel?” She replies, “Maybe if it wasn’t moving…” Then Val says, “Yeah, that was disgusting.” To which Hank says he, “didn’t ask for nobody’s medical opinion.”
Now I have a mental image ofbthe Hunsters out camping on Shear.

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That was already in the alpha, but it’s good ^.^
I’ve noticed little stories between hunters starting whilst moving around the map now though, which is cool, I’ll screen grab some tonight.


I would love a hunter that was somehow “tainted” by the monsters, or whatever the monsters are made of/come from.

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as much as I like the shenanigans you guys could ease off on spamming this face all over.

Oh God
Not the fan art!